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    15 March 2004, Volume 25 Issue 1
    Results of NSFC
    A Jacobi Symbol Concerning the Exponential Diophantine Equation ax+by=cz
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  1-2. 
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      Let r be an odd integer with r > 1 , and let u, v be positive integers such that 2 | u gcd ( u, v ) and u > 2r v????, Further let a, b, c be positive integers satisfying a + b - 1 = ( u + v - 1) r and c = u2 + v2 . The value of Jacobi symbol ( b/ v ) / ( a/ u) is determined. This result can be used for solving the exponential diophantine equation ax+by=cz
    Asymptotic Stability of Runge- Kutta Methods for Delay Differential Equations With a Bounded Delay
    WANG Wen-Qiang, XIAO Fei-Yan
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  3-6. 
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    This paper discusses the nonlinear stability of Runge- Kutta methods for delay different ial dquations with a bounded delay. It is proved that a ( k , l ) - algebraically stable Runge- Kutta methods with linear interpolation procedure is asymptotically stable.
    The Almost Periodic Solution of Two Order Neutral Differential Equation With Piecewise Constant Argument
    WANG Xin, HE Ming-Ke
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  7-12. 
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    In this paper the authors investigate the almost periodic solution of two order neutral functional differential equation with piecewise constant argument . By using fixed point theorem and constructing almost periodic sequence solution for difference equation, the authors get the sufficient condit ions for the existence of the almost periodic solution.
    Asymptotic Stability of Linear - Methods for Volterra Integral- Delay Equations
    YU Yue-Xin, WANG Wen-Qiang
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  13-15. 
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    This paper is concerned with the asymptotic stability of linear-methods for Volterra integral- delay equations. It is shown that linear-methods are asymptotically stable if 1/ 21.
    Some Results on Parameter Estimation In a Linear Model With Mixed Coefficents
    LI Hui, LIU Jian-Zhou
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  16-21. 
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    For the problem of est imating parameters, under quadratic loss and matrix loss, in a linear model with mixed coefficients, it has been given that there exist the necessary and sufficient condit ions of the uniformly minimum risk unbias (UMRU) estimators and the uniformly minimum risk equivariant( UMRE) estimators of regression coeff icients under an affine group of transformations, and the necessary and sufficient condit ions of the UMRE estimators under a transitive group of transformations respect ively.Admissibility is derived for the general least square ( GLS) estimators of regression coefficients.
    A Method for Generating Straight Beam Element Shape Functions by Means of Its Properties
    LOU Ping, ZHENG Zu-Yong, ZENG Qing-Yuan
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  22-25. 
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    A method for generating straight beam element shape functions by means of its propert ies is presented. The procedures for generating straight beam element shape function are following. Firstly, the shape functions with unknown constants at j th node in beam element are constructed by means of the properties of the shape function in remaining nodes in the same element; Secondly, the shape functions at the j th node are obtained by using the properties of this shape function at j th node; Lastly, the above steps are repeated, and then the functions at other node are found. The approach is illustrated by generating shape functions of three- node straight beam element with six degrees of freedom.The shape funct ions of two- node straight beam element with six degrees of freedom and two- node straight beam element with eight degrees of freedom are given. Compared with the classical method, the proposed method decreases the amount of work for solving shape functions obviously.
    Study on Fast Propagation of Juj ube C. V. Jidanzao by Tissue Culture
    WU Cheng-Hou, HE Ye-Hua, XIE Bi-Xia, HU Fang-Ming
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  26-28. 
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    The induct ion of adventit ious buds from stem segments and the forming of plantlets in vitro were studied in Jidanzao jujube .The results showed that adventitious buds could be induced from stem segments on the culture medium of MS+ ZT 1. 75 mg?L-1+ KT 2. 0 mg?L-1. The addition of low concentrations of NAA to the medium made higher induction rates of advent itious buds and 4. 2 times, the optimal proliferation number,was gotten on the medium of MS+ ZT 1. 75 mg?L-1+ KT 2. 0 mg?L-1+ NAA 0. 05 mg?L-1. When the shoots formed in vitro got length of 3~ 4 cm, they were used for the induction of adventitious roots.The optimal medium for this purpose was 1??2MS+ IBA 0. 8 mg?L-1 and the forming rate of plantlets was over 95. 0%. In addition, the sterilization of explants and the transplant of plantlets were also studied.
    Doctoral Forum
    The Solvability of Abstract Equation Involving the Maximal Monotone Operator
    WEI Li
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  29-31. 
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    Let X be a real reflexive, strictly convex Banach space with its dual space X* being uniformly convex,T be a maximal monotone operator from D( T ) ??X to X
    *, and C a continuous and bounded mapping from D( T ) ?? X toX* .Used by Leray- Schauder??s topology degree theory in nonlinear analysis, some new results are given to study the existence of solution of the operator equation ( T + C) x= f involving the maximal monotone operator T with the perturbation
    C in an abstract space X .
    Performance Comparison of Dynamical Source Routing Based on Different Rate in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    ZHU Xi-Ping, LU Rong-Bo, FANG Xu-Ming, RAO Wei-Dong
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  32-35. 
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    In order to apply multimedia traffic, the performance of dynamical source routing (DSR) protocol inMANET is studied on 144 Kbps transmission rate in this paper. At the same time, the performance on 144 Kbps is compared with that on 2 Kbps transmission rate. This result indicates that compared with 2 Kbps transmission rate, 144 Kbps transmission rate obtains lower packet delivery fraction, higher average end- to- end delay, higher routing load and higher MAC load in 144 Kbps transmission rate, and in regard to the performance of difference source node, it shows different changing trend.
    Intracellular Expression of Bacillus Subtilis Phytase phyC in Pichia Pastoris
    WU Qi, WANG Hong-Ning, ZOU Li-Kou, ZHAO Hai-Xia, LIU Shi-Gui
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  36-41. 
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    The Bacillus phytase is very suitable to be used in animal feed particularly in carp feed, because its optimum pH is at the neutral range and it has the excellent thermostability.At present, all the expressions of Bacillus phytase were reported in prokaryotic expression systems such as Bacillus and Escherichia coli, but the yield was very limited. So, the eukaryotic P. pastoris may be another better expression system due to its highly efficient expression for heterogenous protein.As the foundation of secretory expression in P. pastoris, the intracellular expression of Bacillus phytase was reported firstly in P .
    pastoris . In this study, the phyC encoding phytase from Bacillus subtilisWHNB02 without signal peptide sequencewas ampl-ified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) .The phyC fragment was sequenced and cloned into pPIC3. 5K expression vector of P. pastoris .The pPIC3. 5KphyC plasmid was linearized and transformed into Pichia Pastoris GS115 strain by electroporation.Positive strain was screened and purified by culturing on MD plate andMM plate. Furthermore, it was cultured and induced by 0. 5% methanol. SDS- PAGE analysis shows that phytase is expressed intracellularly, and the yield comes to 24% of the total soluble protein and its molecular weight is 42. 01 KD.The enzymatic analysis shows that the expression product has the biological activity of native phytase, its opt imum reaction pH and temperature is 7. 5 and 70 ?? , respectively.Moreover, its residual activity with treatment at 90 ?? for 10min is 42%.All of these properties are better than the native phytase from Bacillus subtilis.
    The Relationship Between Species Diversity of Fish and Basin Characteristics of Main Rivers in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River
    LIU Jun, CAO Wen-Xuan, CHANG Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  42-47. 
    Asbtract ( 2268 )   PDF ( 1660 )  
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    The effects of the characteristics of the river basin on species numbers of fish had been studied by using regression analysis and principal components analysis ( PCA) .The number of endemic fishes related positively with the number of all species ( p < 0. 01) .The diversity of all species related positively with basin area ( p < 0. 01) , length of mainstream ( p < 0. 05) , and the average river discharge ( p < 0. 01) respectively; related negatively with the falling
    gradient ( p< 0. 05) . The diversity of all species per unit area or per unit length related negatively with length of main stream or basin area ( p< 0. 01) , average river discharge ( p < 0. 05) respect ively; related positively with the falling gradient ( p< 0. 01) , the runfall of the rivers ( p < 0. 01) respectively. There were posit ive significant correlationships among the diversity of endemic f ishes and the basin area ( p < 0. 05) , length of mainstream ( p< 0. 05) , and average river discharge ( p< 0. 01) respectively.The diversity of endemic species per unit area related negatively with length of mainstream ( p < 0. 01) , average river discharge ( p < 0. 05) respectively; related positively with the falling gradient ( p< 0. 01) , the runfall of the rivers ( p < 0. 01) respectively. The diversity of endemic species per unit length related negatively with basin area ( p< 0. 05) ; related positively with the falling gradient ( p< 0. 01) , the runfall of the rivers (p < 0. 01) respectively. The result of PCA showed that the 1st and 2nd principal components revealed correlat ions among relative and absolute numbers of fish species and the characteristics of the river basin respect ively.
    On the Even Power Mean of the Inversion of Dirichlet L- Functions With the Weight of Gauss Sums
    GAO Li
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  48-51. 
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    By using the identity of character sums and trigonomitric sums, and its estimates and analytic method, the even power mean of the inversion of Dirichlet L- functions with the weight of Gauss sums is studied, and a mean value formula is obtained:........
    The Design and Accomplishment of a Distributed Database System on Test Question Based on XML
    HE Zhao-Qing
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  52-55. 
    Asbtract ( 2063 )   PDF ( 1406 )  
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    Through the completely new computer platform under the highly distributed computer circumstances of Internet.NET Framework and XML, a system of distributed test quest ions database is constructed, and the system make it come true to share the distributed, different Database on test quest ions.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Correlation Between the Composition and Lattice Constant of Nanosize Rare Earth CeO2 Solid Solution Powders
    ZHOU Hui-Ying, ZHANG Yuan, LIAO Shu-Zhi
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  56-58. 
    Asbtract ( 1955 )   PDF ( 1757 )  
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    Lattice constant of oxide is amajor factor for synthesis and applicat ion of materials.Usually, theoretic simulation is one of a customary method for the materials research. An equation is given for calculating the correlation between the composition lattice constant of nanosize CeO2 system solid solution powders. The computational results are corresponding to the experimental data by wet chemical synthesis.The error rate is not bigger than 0. 7% , 1. 7%, 3. 4% , 0.4% for CeO2- ZrO2, CeO2- Bi2O3, CeO2- La2O3, CeO2- ZrO2- ThO2 system respect ively.
    Physics and electronics
    Calculation of Nucleon- Nucleon Scattering Phase- Shifts
    WU Xiang-Yao, YIN Xin-Guo, WANG Guo-Li
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  59-62. 
    Asbtract ( 1972 )   PDF ( 1406 )  
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    The total N- N scattering phase- shifts are calculated , including the total phase- shifts of quark- gluon exchange potential, the phase- shifts of quark- gluon exchange instantaneous potential as well as the total phaseshifts of one- ?? and two- ?? exchange potential.The comparison of the calculation of phase- shift with the experimental result shows that they are consistent with each other and that quark- gluon exchange plays an important role in the
    N- N interaction, expecially in the short range.
    The Key Design Technology of Radar Digital Receiver Based on DDS
    GAO Yu-Liang, WANG Bing-Qie, ZHU Yuan-Qing
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  63-66. 
    Asbtract ( 1743 )   PDF ( 1698 )  
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    AFC( Automatic Frequency Control) is realized with technology of DDS ( Direct Digital Synthesis) and high accuracy frequency measurement, quadrature double channel receiver is made up of circuits of IF quadrature sampling directly and coherent sampling clock realized with DDS. By doing so, the effect of all kinds of unstable factors such as frequency shift and the limits placed by analogy circuit is diminished effectively , even eliminated. Meanwhile, the performance of the receiver is improved greatly, for example, the limits on I( improvement factor) and SCV( visibility) placed by traditional receiver is exceeded. Experiments indicate that SCV can be enhanced 12 dB on an average. Additionally, some practical problems in realizing are discussed.
    Key disciplines
    The Inverse Generalized Eigenvalue Problem for Jacobi Matrix
    MO Hong-Min
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  67-70. 
    Asbtract ( 2142 )   PDF ( 1339 )  
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    On the basis of analysing some inverse problems and Jacobi matrix in matrix theory, this paper presents a kind of inverse generalized eigenvalue problem for Jacobi matrix, a sufficient and necessary condition for the existence of the unique solut ion of the problem and the expression of the solution are given. A numerical example is provided.
    The Influences of the Thermal Expansion on the Energy Band Structure of a Solid
    LI De-Jun, TANG Yi, YE Fu-Qiu, ZHAO He-Ping, ZHOU Xiu-Wen
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  71-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2062 )   PDF ( 1809 )  
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    Using the t ight- binding theory, the influences of the thermal expansion on the energy band structure of the solid with a body- centered cubic lattice was discussed, the 1S and 2S energy bands of body- centered cubic lattice were calculated. The results show that with the increase of temperature, the thermal expansion makes lattice constant change, which will result in the shifts of the center of the 1S and 2S energy bands and the energy band edge; therefore,
    the width of every energy band and the forbidden band- width between two bands will change.These results can explain fairly the partial experimental results of the Li metal.
    The Technology of Extracting Volatile Oil From Pomelo Leaf With Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
    PENG Qing-Jing, PENG Qing-Zhong, YANG Dong-Mei
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  75-76. 
    Asbtract ( 2325 )   PDF ( 1557 )  
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    The volat ile oil was extracted from pomelo leaf with supercrit ical Carbon dioxide.The results showed that the optimum conditions for the extraction are: extract ion pressure 12. 0~ 15. 0Mpa, extraction temperature 35. 0~ 55. 0 ?? ,extraction time 1. 0~ 1. 5 h, carbon dioxide fluid rate 20. 0~ 30. 0 L??h.The volatile oil extracted has pure fragrance and is of high quality.
    Planting Technique of Oenothera Biennis L. in Western Hunan Province
    LI Jiang-Tao, LIU Shi-Biao, CHEN Jun, SHI Ze-Liang, CHEN Xiao-Yuan
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  77-79. 
    Asbtract ( 2048 )   PDF ( 1430 )  
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    The seeds of oil plant Oenothera biennis L. introduced from Liaoning province were planted at three exper-i mental plots: the schoolyard in Jishou University, Hunan, Zhangguan Town in Yongshun County,Hunan, and the La Ershan Mountain in Fenghuang county,Hunan. The results showed that Oenothera biennis L. can adapt itself to the local environment. As a kind of annual herb, Oenothera biennis L. can bear seeds in the current year.There are two types in southern areas: the early- maturing and the mid- maturing; and while the maturing period of this herb in southern areas is longer than in northern areas, the seed output is smaller.
    Contents and Pharmacological Function of Chinese Goosebeery Seed Oil
    OUYang-Hui , ZHANG Yong-Kang
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  80-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2404 )   PDF ( 1668 )  
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    The yielding rate of the Chinese gooserbeery seed oil is more than 28% , the content of the unsaturated fatty acid is up to 80% among the oil, and α- linolenic acid accounts 56. 75% ~ 64. 10% of the unsaturated fatty acid. Because α- linolenic acid is a structural material of the biomembrane of every organizat ion in the body and the forebody of synthesizing prostaglandin, the Chinese gooserbeery seed oil has the pharmacological fuct ion of bringing down the blood fat and blood pressure, preventing canceration, curbing cardiovascular diseases, and improving cranial nerve function.Therefore, there is a good prospect for developing and ut ilizing the Chinese Goosebeery seed oil.
    Scientific research bulletin
    To Definite the Differential With Linear Transformation and Popularize the Method
    WANG Yan-Yuan
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  83-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2390 )   PDF ( 1778 )  
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    Based on original differential definition this paper shows differential definition in the view of linear transformation,spreads it to diversificat ion, and gives the formula of expressing differential.
    Total of Modules and Modules With Zero Total
    PIAO Zhi-Hui, FENG Liang-Gui
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  87-88. 
    Asbtract ( 1742 )   PDF ( 1231 )  
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    Total of modules contain Jacobson radicals, and Tot ( MR ) + J ( MR ) ?? Tot ( MR ) for a right R- module. In particular, a module with zero Total is a semiprime module and the class of such modules is a weakly special class. So the class of rings with zero Total is a weakly special class and the upper radical of this class is a supernilpotent radical.
    Spaces With σ- Loally Countable cs* net
    TANG Gu-Sheng
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2151 )   PDF ( 1337 )  
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    By the ponomarev's way and the definit ion of msss- mapping, this paper studies the point- countable covering problem on the generalized metric space, proving that the spaces with σ-locally countable cs* - network and csnetwork can be characterized by the image of metrizable spaces under sequence- covering mappings and strong sequence-covering mappings.Thus, the study of the spaces with σ-locally countable collect ionwise is made more complete.
    Research About How to Extract Hydrochloride Existing in Ethylenediamine
    LUO Juan, HU Zhong-Yu, QIU Ming-Hua
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  92-93. 
    Asbtract ( 2989 )   PDF ( 2258 )  
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    A novel method, employing sodium methandate as the neutralizer for ethylenediamine hydrochloride is deve-l oped to extract hydrochloride. Because of the low boiling point of methanol, it is not only easier for separation and puri fication of ethylendiamine, but also lower for the energy consumption. By the operations of neutralization, desalination,dehydration and distillat ion, high purified enthylenediamine can be obtained with 94% productive ratio.
    One Case of Widespread Thrombophlebitis and Forming Thromboses in Lower Limbs During Puerperium
    LE Yan, WU Yu-Ai
    journal6, 2004, 25(1):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1784 )   PDF ( 1359 )  
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    To study the diagnose, treatment, and precautionary measures of thrombophlebitis caused by cesarean section,one case is clinically reported concerned a patient who had thrombophlebitis caused by cesarean section and repeated forming widespread thrombi.The patient recovered well after colorful Doppler ultrasonic diagnoses and conservative treatments including anticoagulant, thrombolytic therapy, and supporting etc. . Thrombolyt ic therapy as early as possible is the key to treat thrombophlebitis.
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