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    15 June 2004, Volume 25 Issue 2
    Results of NSFC
    On Divisibility of Euler Numbers
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  1-2. 
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    Let pbe an odd prime,we give a necessary and sufficient condition for Et≡0(mod p),where t=2[p/4],Etis the  t-th Euler number.In particular,if p≡5(mod 8),then Et0(mod p).
    A Schrodinger Formulation for Paraxial Light Beam Propagation
    LIU Cheng-Yi, YIN Jian-Ling, HU Wei
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  3-9. 
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    This paper is a summary of the theory of the Schr??dinger formulation, together with the interrelated works.With the in- depth study of this theory, it has extended from the propagat ion in the real refractive index to the propagation in the complex refractive index, from the ABCD system to the effective ABCD system, and from the spatial coordinatesystem to the time coordinate system, etc.
    Numerical Procedures of Numerical Global Weather Forecast on Spectral Method
    GONG Xi-Ping, LI Jin-Cai, ZHAO Wen-Tao, SUN An-Xiang
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  10-14. 
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    This paper studies the numerical caculat ion process of global weather forecast model which is based on spectral method.The model use the Eulerian U- V model. The atmosphere is divided into NLEN layers and these layers are defined by the pressures at the interfaces between the / half- levels0. The prognostic variables are presented by their values at / full- level0 pressures. Spectral method to discretize is used in horizontal direction and a semi- implicit
    correction is used to dicretize in time.
    Damage Identification of Actual Bridge Based on Subspace Rotation Algorithm
    ZHONG Wei-Qiu, GONG Jin-Xin, LIU Yi
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  15-20. 
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    Structural damage identification is critical to the reliability evaluation of structures. Now damage identification method based on parameters of structural model is one of the research hotspots. Subspace Rotation Algorithm introduced in this paper belongs to the damage identification method based on parameters of structural model. Subspace Rotation Algorithm is based on finite element method of structures,use the matrix transform method and separates the damage location and damage extent problems and is computationally inexpensive. Subspace Rotation Algorithm is used to detect damage of an actual bridge in this paper and practice testifies that Subspace Rotation Algorithm only needs the first order frequency and shape mode to identify the main damage location and damage extent of the actual bridge so that it is simple in calculation and feasible.
    Preparation of Superfine Powder by Hydrothermal Method and Its Applying Prospect on Polishing Powder
    XU Zhao-Di, ZHOU Xin-Mu, LI Yong-Xiu, TAN Hong-Yu
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  21-24. 
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    The characterist ics and react ion dynamics of hydrothermal condition are shown, and various hydrothermal methods processing superfine powder are all summarized. It is illustrated that most chararteristics are excellent ,whether physical property or chemical property,materials and crystals on technologic field can be prepared. Its application will be more extensive. Excellent polishing powder too are prepared by hydrothermal method.Therefore, hydrothermal method has applicat ion foreground for preparation of polishing powder.
    On Dynamic Change and Driving Forces for Eco- Environmental Quality of Jiangsu Province
    YANG Xiu-Chun, ZHU Xiao-Hua
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  25-29. 
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    Based on the AHP method and the Gray theory, the change and driving forces for eco- environmental quality of Jiangsu Province, China are studied. Some conclusions are drawn as the followings. ( 1)The maximum and minimum indexes of eco- environmental quality of 11 cities of Jiangsu Province appear in different time, which shows the regional character. ( 2)The eco- environmental quality of Jiangsu Province is meliorated as a whole in 1990s??. ( 3)The mechanism of eco- environmental quality change of 11 cities of Jiangsu Province is different. ( 4)The main factors driving the eco- environmental quality of Jiangsu Province come from nature, populat ion growth and its pressure on the land.In a word, this research is useful to improve and manage the eco- environment of Jiangsu Province.
    Reliability Method on How to Handle the Expert Advices Comprehensively
    YANG Xiao, YANG Zhi-Min
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  30-34. 
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    This paper researches the reliability method on how to handle the expert advices comprehensively. It introduces definitions of reliability and comprehensive reliability of the expert. Based on them, the reliability method of comprehensively handling expert advices is studied. It also explains the application of this method by using some real examples.
    Doctoral Forum
    Discrete Hole Wave Board Film Cooling Technology
    LI Feng, HE Yong-Jie, ZHOU Yan-Ping, SUN Bai-Gang, AI Li-Qin, ZHANG Qing-Fan, HE Jia-De, WANG Ming-Sheng
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  35-38. 
    Asbtract ( 2080 )  
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    Two different wave discrete hole board are experimented, the model of heat transfer of discrete hole wave board film cooling is established, the effects on the film cooling effectiveness of the gas parameters of the flow and the geometric parameters of the discrete hole wave board are analyzed, and the transfer coeff icients are obtained. Some useful conclusion such as the cooling effectiveness of discrete hole wave board is low between the wave peak and the wave volley and the cooling effect iveness increase very quickly behind the wave board are obtained.
    Bacteriostasis of Volatile Organic Compounds From Some Plants
    LIU Yun-Guo, MA Tao, ZHANG Wei, WU Ji-You, CHENG Zheng-Hong
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  39-42. 
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    This study investigates the biogenic volat ile organic compounds of some plants, such as Liquidambur f orsana and Cinamomum camphora, and their antibacterial activity to Escherichia coli , Staphylococcus albus , Bacillus subtilis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The results show that some plants have good effect iveness of bacteriostasis, these plants include Cinamomum camphora, Liquidambur f orsana and Pittosporum tobira. From the view of environmental ecology,it is beneficial to the construction of an eco- city when choosing the ant ibacterial plants as virescence plants.
    Game Models Analysis of Stock Price Affected by Institutional Investors
    LIU Xiao-Bin, ZENG Fan-Fu
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  43-47. 
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    In this paper,we will use Daniel F.Spulber′s game models to analyze the different trading between individual investors and institutional investors.The game models show that the institutional investors can live up the stock market and they will gain excess returns by changing the basis of a listed stock in a short time.
    Key disciplines
    Self- Focusing of Ultra- Intensity Super- Gaussian Beams Propagating in the Plasmas
    YE Fu-Qiu
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  48-50. 
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    The behavior of self- focusing of the ultra- intensity rotation symmetric super- Gaussian beam ( RSSGB) during propagation in the plasmas is studied, with the aid of the numerical solution to the nonlinear paraxial wave equation.The result implies for a RSSGB with initial undulations, the self- focusing ring may split after traveling certain distance inside the plasmas. And because of the effect of the defocusing free- electron, the self- focusing ring is limited within a certain scales.
    Direct Oxidation of Phenylethane With Air Catalyzed by [ TPPFe]2O
    PENG Qing-Jing, FU Wei-Chang, HUANG Cheng
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  51-53. 
    Asbtract ( 1904 )   PDF ( 1075 )  
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    Phenylethane was oxidized directly to hypnone and-phenyethanol with air under the catalysis of -oxo-bis-iron porphyrin of products at alpha position is 100%. The reaction temperature and time have influences on the yield and the selectivity of products.With the reaction time extending , the yield of products increased, but the selectivity of hypnone slightly increased and the selectivity of - phenyethanol slightly descended.With the temperature raising, the selectivity of hypnone descended and the selectivity of - phenyethanol increased.
    Borel Point of K-Quasimeromorphic Mappings  in the Unit Circle
    WU Zhao-Jun, SUN Dao-Chun
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  54-57. 
    Asbtract ( 1974 )   PDF ( 1537 )  
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    Physics and electronics
    State Description and Forecast of Motorial Object
    ZHOU Xiao-Qing, WU Yun-Wen
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  58-61. 
    Asbtract ( 2562 )   PDF ( 1354 )  
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    By studying the rule of mobile, four tuple descriptive method of state is brought forward, and forecasting equation and operator of state of even variable mot ion and knowledge representation are ascertained.
    Application of HOPF Bifurcation Theorem by Using Graph in Nonlinear Oscillation Circuits
    LI Yi-Fu, LI Wen-Hua, PENG Wei-Shao
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  62-65. 
    Asbtract ( 2260 )   PDF ( 1421 )  
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    By using coefficient of curvature of HOPF bifurcation theorem, in time domain is derived, and the local type of two- dimension system of the theorem to judge the oscillat ion, a new method of analyzing the oscillation of electronic circuits is provided. But the new means of analyzing have to include value comput ing. This article uses the arithmetic of the HOPF bifurcat ion theorem by using graph.A series of graphes can avoid a great deal of comput ing, easily settle the
    question of the oscillat ion of nonlinear circuit and provide another means of analyzing the oscillat ion of electronic circuits.
    Image Enhancement and Restoration Based on FART Network and Data Fusion
    FU Ming, XIAO Ru-Liang, TANG Xian-Ying
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  66-70. 
    Asbtract ( 2084 )   PDF ( 1414 )  
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    This paper presents a new kind of image enhancement and restoration based on Fuzzy ART network and data fusion in order to process the images effectually.This approach which uses grayscale histogram threshold can not only automatically determine the number of classes of an image to analyze clusters, but also process the image which comes from the same scene with noises. Simulation experiment demonstrates that FART network can realize the image enhancement and restorat ion very well.
    Serial Weakening Step by Step Optimization GM( 1, 1) Modeling & Method to Data Processing
    ZHANG Long-Ting, LUO You-Xin
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  71-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2497 )   PDF ( 1293 )  
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    Based on Grey system, an serial weakening step by step opt imizat ion direct modeling GM( 1, 1) and method to data processing in engineering f ield is put forward, the method of precision inspect ion is introduced. Then, the programming is authorized withMatlab 6. 1 language.Two examples are given, their results are compared with the results of other Grey models, respectively.With this model, the data don??t need to be preprocessed and the generations of accumulation plus and subtract don??t need to be made.The method can be used for model establishing at equal interval, as well as at non- interval. It has high precision and is easy to use.The model is simple and practical, and has a genera-lizing value in the field of CAD.
    Network Traffic′ Self-Similar Characteristic
    XIAO Zhi-Xin, YANG Yue-Xiang, YANG Lin, WU Li-Hua
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  75-77. 
    Asbtract ( 2188 )   PDF ( 1754 )  
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    Through analyzing the scaling coefficient (detail) and wavelet coefficient (background),we can capture the characteristic of self-similar and multifractal of network traffic.
    Information and Engineering
    Microcomputer Control and Testing System of Triaxial Boxshear Apparatus
    WANG Yong-Chi, LI Xiao-biao, YAO Bi-Xue
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  78-79. 
    Asbtract ( 2456 )   PDF ( 1528 )  
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    This paper mainly introduces the change from manual operation and artificial survey of domestic triaxial boxshear apparatus to microcomputer control and detection for soil test . The system can automatically complete data sampling,display, drawing and tabulation, as well as data processing that can not be conpleted by artif icial operation experiment,and can automatically compensate to improve the level and accuracy of performance test of soil power with the help of system software when tested soil example has a large deformation.
    Biological resources
    Biological Habit of  Vespa Bicolor
    CHEN Yong, TONG Xun
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  80-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2583 )   PDF ( 2114 )  
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    Vespa bicolor is a kind of social insect in vespidae. Its biological habit research in northeastern Fujian Province shows: the female Vespa bicolor finishes its hibernation in the mist of May, and then finds a place to nidificate. Its haplometrosis takes 36 days to finish a 34- comb nest and the female wasp plays both roles of the worker wasp and the queen wasp. Its ova period lasts 3. 5~ 5. 5 d; its larva period lasts 10~ 12 d; its pupa period takes 10. 5~ 12. 5 d; its
    development period needs 24~ 30 d ( it is closely related to temperature) . Daily outing frequency of the female wasp has close relation with the local weather: its maximum can reach 42 times, per time is 6~ 22 min;worker wasps begin their field work when they are out of dormancy for three days; and the female wasp stops going out and invests all its energy in laying eggs ( it only has a generat ion per year, they abandon their nests to hibernate in the mist of December). Parental generation living in groups and cooperat ing together contribute to Vespa bicolor??s existence and reproduction.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Determination of Chemical Constituents of Curcuma Aromatica and C. Longa
    ZHANG Yan-Ping, DIAN Ling-Hui, ZENG Zhi
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  84-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2560 )   PDF ( 2474 )  
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    The chemical compositions of the volatile oils obtained from two traditional Chinese medicines, rhizomes of Curcuma aromatica and C. longa were analyzed by GC- MS- DS. The major constituents in the oil from C. aromatica are Germacrene D, Curdione and Germa??crone, whereas those in the oil from C. longa are xanthorrhizol, Camphor, ??- curcumene, Germacrone, 1- methyl- 2, 3- methlene- 4-isopropylcyclohex anol, and 1, 8- cineol.
    Scientific research bulletin
    Fluorometric Determination of Total Selenium and Aqueous and Exchangeable Selenium in Crude Rice
    JIANG Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  86-88. 
    Asbtract ( 1935 )   PDF ( 1361 )  
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    The total selenium and aqueous and exchangeable selenium was fluorometrically determined in two samples of crude rice;one had been fertilized with selenium and the other had not.The results showed that the selenium level of the former sample(total selenium is 0.075×10-6;aqueous and exchangeable selenium is 0.020×10-6 was higher than that of the latter(total selenium is 0.045×10-6; aqueous and exchangeable selenium is 0.010×10-6.
    Thermal Degradation of Hemp Cellulose Treated With Flame Retardants
    YE Xia, SHI Jian-Bing, JIAO Yun-Hong, XU Jian-Zhong, TIAN Chun-Ming
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2215 )   PDF ( 1516 )  
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    The thermal degradat ion of hemp cellulose is treated with flame retardants containing boric acid, borax and boric acid( borax) - formaldehyde- NaHSO3 . The samples treated with boric acid( borax ) - formaldehyde- NaHSO3 systems have the better flame retardance than that treated with boric acid or borax.Moreover, there is no crystalloid on the cellulosic surface. Experiments demonstrate that the temperature of the thermal degradation onset point and the activat ion energy of thermal degradation stage are lower for hemp cellulose treated with boric acid( borax) - formaldehyde-NaHSO3 systems than those of pure hemp cellulose, and an increase in char yield and LOI.
    Thermal Characteristic of Hot Plate in Alternating Current Electric Heater
    JIN Chun-Ying, LIN Jin-Qing, WENG Rong-Zhou
    journal6, 2004, 25(2):  92-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1933 )   PDF ( 1485 )  
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    Thermal characteristic of hot plate in alternating current ( AC) electric heater is studied, the heat transfer model is built and is solved by numerical method to find out the relationship between temperature and t ime.The results indicate:The periodicity of temperature completely matches with that of AC electric heating source, and its value just is half of the periodicity of AC electric voltage, that is τtq = 1/2τe .The effects of heat ing power ( q ) , periodicity of
    heating source (τq ) , total heating capacity ( ρcV ) , heat exchange rate per 1 K ( aA ) on amplitude value are studied in detail.An amplitude number is defined, and a quantitat ive regression equation between amplitude and amplitude number is found.
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