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    15 September 2003, Volume 24 Issue 3
    Perfect Powers in Fermat Quotients
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  1-2. 
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    Let p be an odd prime,and x and n be odd integers with min (x,n)>1.The author proves that if p≡7(mod 12),the Fermat quotient F(p,x) is not an nth perfect power.
    Regularity of Weak Solutions to a Class of Non-Homogeneous A-Harmonic Systems
    ZHOU Shu-Qing, ZHAO Ting-Lei
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  3-5. 
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    This paper studies non-homogeneous A-harmonic systems of divergence form-DαAαi(x,u,Du)+Bi(x,u,Du)=0(i=1,…,N),satisfying p(1<p≤n),power controllable growth conditions.By constructing reverse Hlder inequlity,local W1,q-regularity and Hlder continuity of the weak solutions to above systems are obtained.
    Physics and electronics
    Ellipse-Like Dynamic Model for Nonlinear Hysteretic Vibration Isolation System
    ZHAO Rong-Guo, CHEN Zhong-Fu, XU You-Ju, HU Shao-Quan, HUANG Xi-Cheng
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  6-12. 
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    In this paper,an ellipse-like function is defined firstly,then a dynamic model for nonlinear hysteretic vibration isolation system is proposed by using such function,and the practical expression of the system is deduced.The dynamic model is constructed by nonlinear stiffness and nonlinear hysteretic damping,all of the parameters in the model have specific meanings,the stiffness coefficients reflect the linear and nonlinear characteristics,and the damping function describes the hysteretic and dissipative characteristics of the vibration isolation system perfectly.The dynamic model contains a parameter called damping component function,which describes all kinds of damping components probably existing in the vibration isolation system,such as friction damping,viscous damping and high-order one etc.Hence,the dynamic model can describe the hysteretic and dissipative characteristics more precisely;simultaneously,the term of nonlinear hysteretic damping force in the dynamic model is expressed as the function of displacement,thus the model proposed in this paper decreases amount of measuring work,and simplifies the process of numerical calculations.The restoring force vs.displacement loops of the vibration isolation system are reconstructed by using the dynamic model proposed in this paper.The results show that the theoretic loops agree well with the corresponding experimental loops.
    Optimal Sliding Mode Controller for a Class of Cascade Uncertain Nonlinear System
    CHEN Mou, JIANG Chang-Sheng, MEI Rong
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  13-18. 
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    It is devoted to designing a kind of optimal sliding mode control method based on State Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE) control for a class of cascade uncertain nonlinear system in this paper.This designed control method has two-loop control structure.The outer loop controller is designed by using a SDRE optimal control to generate an optimal sliding mode surface.The inner loop controller decreases sensitivity to parameter change by using sliding model control.Synchronously it can minish the influence coursed by model error and external disturbance of control system.Two methods are given to solve the state dependent riccati equation.The designed control method can make the system stable and robust.Finally,an example is given to demonstrate the availability of the proposed control method.
    Information and Engineering
    Reliability Analysis of Structures in Adverse Environment
    ZHONG Wei-Qiu, GONG Jin-Xin
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  19-22. 
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    Structural resistance changes greatly with time in adverse environment (for example,chemical environment).The minimum resistance method is presented for reliability analysis of structures considering resistance change with time and is compared with the method given by the current building codes and the equal resistance method.The feature of the three methods is analyzed.The idea that the minimum resistance time can be taken as a key point for structural reliability analysis is presented.The minimum resistance method is simple in calculation,intuitive in concept and compatible with the current building codes.It can be a reference when analyzing reliability of structures in adverse environment.
    Physics and electronics
    Exact Solutions of One-Dimensional Nonlinear Transmission Line Equation
    SHI Yu-Ren, DUAN Wen-Shan, 吕Ke-Pu , YANG Hong-Juan
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  23-26. 
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    The author derived the Backlund transformation and a soliton solution of one-dimensional nonlinear transmission line equation by using the homogeneous balance method.Theoretical analysis to the stability of this solution was done.The result indicates that the soliton solution is conditional stability at the meaning of Lyapunov linear stability.It shows that stable soliton can be existed in nonlinear transmission line.Based on the extended thought of the homogeneous balance method,another soliton solution and a solitary wave solution of the nonlinear transmission line equation were obtained.
    Information and Engineering
    Monte Carlo’s Approach for the Calculation of Interfacial Transition Zone Fraction in Concrete
    JIANG Lu, ZHENG Jian-Jun
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  27-29. 
    Asbtract ( 1915 )   PDF ( 1477 )  
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    Based on the simulation technique of concrete mesostructure,a Monte Carlo’s approach is presented for the calculation of the area fraction of interfacial transition zone in concrete.Calculated results demonstrate that the area fraction of interfacial transition zone increases,for a given aggregate area fraction,with the decrease of the minimum aggregate diameter and increases,for a given minimum aggregate diameter,with the increase of the aggregate area fraction.By applying mathematical regression,a simple calculation formula of the area fraction of interfacial transition zone is given.
    Doctoral Forum
    A Note on Types of Coupling in Vibration Equations
    CHEN Li-Qun, LIANG Si-Hui
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  30-31. 
    Asbtract ( 1928 )   PDF ( 1449 )  
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    Some monographs on mechanics of vibrations asserted that the choice of generalized coordinates establishes the types of coupling in vibration equations.The method of kineto-statics is applied here to drive the vibration equation.The discussion on a specific example and the analysis of the general case demonstrate that the types of coupling in vibration equations are independent of the choice of generalized coordinates of the system.
    An Infeasible Simplex Algorithm for Linear Programming
    GAO Pei-Wang, FAN Guo-Bing
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  32-36. 
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    This paper presents an improved (infeasible) simplex method for linear programming,in which some of vertex points,corresponding to the iterative process,can be out of the feasible domain of (LP).The algorithm would performs the iterations no more than the simplex method and simultaneously,can overcome the iterative loop caused by degeneracy.
    Construction of Fuzzy Similar Matrix
    WANG Xin-Zhou, SHU Hai-Chi
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  37-41. 
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    The construction of fuzzy similar matrix is not only the fundamental but also the most important work in fuzzy cluster's analysis.There are thirteen kinds of methods in the construction of the fuzzy similar matrix,which were put forward by many scholars for a long time.Without any standard for method choosing,people always choose their favorite methods,so there is some problems,such as whether those methods have the same cluster’s result,which method is the best if the results are different.In order to answer those questions,three principles about  how to choose the method of the construction of the fuzzy similar matrix are put forward in this paper,and then a complete comparison among all the construction methods is made,at last the best method used in the construction of the fuzzy similar matrix meeting the three principles is recommended.
    Preparation of Konjac Oligo-Glucomannan by Cellulase
    ZHANG Ying-Qing, GAN Xin, XIE Bi-Jun
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  42-44. 
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    Konjac glucomannan was enzymolysized by cellulase (Ec. optimal parameters were 10 g konjac refined powder were reacted with 500 U cellulase at pH  5.0 and in 40 ℃ for 2 h.The molecular weight of the oligo-glucomannan was measured by GPC,the mean Mw was 5 100 and the mean Mn was 7 610.
    Preparation of High-Purity Zinc From Zinc Calcine by an Ammonia Process
    YANG Sheng-Hai, TANG Mo-Tang, HE Jing, YAO Wei-Yi
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  45-49. 
    Asbtract ( 2884 )   PDF ( 1732 )  
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    In this article a new process of using ammonia and ammonium chloride solution to leach zinc calcine and electrowinning high-purity zinc has been developed successfully.The average leaching ratio of zinc was about 93%.The impurities,such as Cu,Cd and Pb,in the filtrate were cemented out completely by using zinc powder with two-stage countercurrent.At different current density,the current efficiency was higher than 93.8%.During electrowinning cell voltage was about 3.0 V and power consumption ranged from 2.550 to 2.650 kW per kilogram zinc.The zinc content in the electrowinned zinc was more than 99.999%,and the contents of the impurities of Cu,Cd,Co,Ni,Fe,As and Sb were lower than 0.000 1% respectively,and Pb was lower than 0.000 3%.
    Monitoring and Adjustment of Running Condition of Large-ScaleRotary Kiln With Multi-Supports
    XIAO You-Gang, LIU Yi-Lun, LI Xue-Jun, ZHAO Xian-Qiong
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  50-54. 
    Asbtract ( 1810 )   PDF ( 1287 )  
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    On the basis of studying the factors to affect the running condition of rotary kiln,the linear relation is set up between kiln load distribution and axis deviation;the stress and deformation of the main kiln parts is obtained;the principle of axis movement is made clear,the adjusting and controlling model of axis movement is established;the optimization method of running condition adjustment of rotary kiln is given out,the fuzzy optimization model of kiln adjustment parameters is set up;a new axis deviation survey method-zero displacement keyway-phase measure method is studied.Applying the theoretical harvest,the analysis and monitoring system of running condition of rotary kiln is developed.The system's performance is stable,the monitoring accuracy is high and the analytic result is right.
    Bionomics of the Pine Sawfly,Diprion Jingyuanensis
    ZHANG Yun, YE Wan-Hui, LI Yue-Lin
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  55-61. 
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    The behavior of D. jingyuanensis in each life stage including adult,egg,larva,prepupa and pupa was observed and described in detail and its natural enemy species were recorded.Studies showed that there were two climax which located the second ten-day of June and the second ten-day of July in the pine sawfly emergence in 1998.The reproduction rate difference between parthenogenesis and gamogenesis was not distict.Egg of developmental threshold was 14.92±2.3 ℃ and its effective accumulated temperature was 81.93±33.3 d·℃.Larva group took on aggregation distribution during low-density period.In outbreak of D. jingyuanensis,79 percent of cocoon was preyed by its natural enemies.The developmental time of female pupae was remarkably  longer than male pupae.Maybe virus(NPV)infecting larva played an important role in controlling the sawfly population.
    Soil Water Storage of Three Forest Types in Different Succession Stage in Dinghushan
    YIN Guang-Cai, ZHOU Guo-Yi, TANG Xu-Li, ZHANG Qian-Mei
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  62-68. 
    Asbtract ( 2492 )   PDF ( 1529 )  
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    Based on soil moisture data measured by hydroprobe moisture (CPN503DR),the dynamics and characteristics of soil water storage of three forest types were analysed in different succession stage in Dinghushan.Soil water storage differed greatly for different forest types,but having similar changing tendencies,i.e,decreasing with the soil depth.The soil water storage in monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest was much higher than that in coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest,and the storage in mixed forest was higher than that in coniferous forest.With the forests' succession,the soil water storage capability increased,and distributed randomly in the upper layers,where the root density was more intense.This indicated that the forest ecosystems had their own adaptable mechanisms to the environment.The maximum coefficients between forest soil layers were found in monsoon evergreen forest,and the minimum values in coniferous forest.The seasonal dynamics of soil water storage in Dinghushan can be divided into three stages:soil water consumption stage (from Jan. to Mar.),compensating stage (from Apr. to Sept.) and stable stage (from Oct. to Nov.).
    Information and Engineering
    Flow Analysis of Straflo Turbine’s Guide Apparatus and Numerical Control Processing
    SONG Wen-Wu, FU Jie, CHEN Ci-Chang, CHEN Xiao-Shan
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  69-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2027 )   PDF ( 1435 )  
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    Three-dimentional modeling design and flow analysis of straflo turbine’s cone guide apparatus are made by using Unigraphics and Fluent software.And by UG/CAM interference check and simulated processing of the guide are conducted,producing tool position processing codes which are able to make the tool-processing more effective and give a better solution to special airtight of the guide when it is completely shut off.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Selective Oxidation of Isobutane Over Keggin-Type Heteroply Compounds:Recent Development
    DENG Tong-Tong, YU Chang-Lin, CAI Tie-Jun
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  73-77. 
    Asbtract ( 2154 )   PDF ( 1360 )  
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    It has been found that the most active and selective catalysts are those based on Keggin-type heteroply compounds.This paper summarized the studies on the selective oxidation of isobutane over Keggin-type heteroply compounds and some proposed reaction mechanisms in recent years.The application perspectives of Keggin-type heteroply compounds as catalysts for these reactions and some probable probale activity-enhancemetns were put forward.
    Biological resources
    Energy Flow Characteristics of Household Agri-Ecosystem on Loess Plateau
    LI Jun-Nian, YANG Dong-Mei, TAO Shuang-Lun, LIU Zhi-Xiao, ZHANG You-Xiang
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  78-82. 
    Asbtract ( 1998 )   PDF ( 1379 )  
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    The characteristics of energy flow 19 household agri-ecosystems were analyzed based on energy ecology.The result indicated that the energy flow of agri-livestock type,agri-forest type,comprehensive type and agri-sideline type could be divided into energy input from outside system,bio-energy flow among subsystems and the bio-energy output from the system.The four types of farmland subsystem,with petrol-agriculture characters,input high inorganic energy.The level of energy input in animal husbandry subsystem was determined by the food energy.
    Program of Raising Goats by Planting Grass to Make People Rich and the Development Pattern of Meat Goat Production in  Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture (Ⅱ)
    ZHANG You-Xiang, LIU Zhi-Xiao, TAO Shuang-Lun, LI Jun-Nian, WANG Qing-Lin, CHEN Jun, YAO Ben-Dao, XIANG Xian-Li, QI Guang-Huai, YANG Chong-Liang
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  83-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2190 )   PDF ( 1337 )  
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    Based on the foundation,predominance and some problems in making people rich through raising goat  by planting grass and the development of meat goat production in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,and according to the related principles,this paper formulates the theory frame and development pattern.Meanwhile,this paper discusses possible risks and countermeasures.
    Extending Horizon of Study to Promote the Modernization of National Traditional Physical Culture——Review of the Academic Lecture of Oriental Traditional Physical Culture
    BAI Jin-Xiang, LIU Shao-Ying, LONG Pei-Lin
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  87-89. 
    Asbtract ( 1772 )   PDF ( 1274 )  
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    Through reviewing the Academic Lecture of Oriental Traditional Physical Culture,sorting out and evaluating the history and current development of oriental traditional physical culture,and analysing its unique ways of body-building,its value and cultural characteristics,this paper puts forward some ideas and ways to popularize internationally the oriental traditional physical culture.
    Scientific research bulletin
    Modification of Multisignature Schemes Based on Meta-El Gamal
    LU Rong-Bo, ZHU Xi-Ping
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  90-91. 
    Asbtract ( 1800 )   PDF ( 1539 )  
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    This paper shows the security flaw which extends from the multisignature scheme based on Meta-El Gamal,i.e.,the attackers can deny having taken part in the process of signing some message with others.A modification is made for these schemes’ key generations,which can efficiently avoid this attack.
    Calculation of the Valve Value Rate of the Quasi Three-Level System and theAnalysis of the Intracavity Frequency Multiplier Theory
    TAN Zi-You, TANG Shi-Hong, LIU Jing-Chun
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  92-93. 
    Asbtract ( 1897 )   PDF ( 1371 )  
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    This paper tells about how to calculate the inverted population density by using the rate equation of quasi three-level system when the Laser resonant cavity is in a steady state,and to set up the steady-state equation which satisfies the in-tracavity foundamental mode’s oscillating.From the close valve value,the pumping rate (Rth),and the corresponding valve value rate (Pth) can be obtained.At last,the frequency multiplier efficiency can be calculated through analysing the theory of intracavity frequency multiplier.
    Determination of Cefradin by RP-HPLC
    JIANG Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2003, 24(3):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1889 )   PDF ( 1310 )  
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    A RP-HPLC method for the determination of cefradin in raw drug was established.A column of YQG-ODS was used with a mobile phase of V(CH3OH)∶V(4%HAc-NaAc)=3∶7 solution.The UV detector was set at 262 nm.The external standard method was used.There was a good linear correlation in the range of 0.027~0.29  g·L-1,Y(μV·s)=1.88×107X(g·L-1)+20 876,r=0.998 3.The average recovery was 99.7%,RSD was 0.57%(n=3).The elapsed time of a chromatographic analysis was 12 min.The method is rapid,accurate and reliable.
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