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    25 September 2006, Volume 27 Issue 5
    The Distribution of the Even Power Weighted Mean of Dirichlet L-Functions
    GAO Li
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  1-3. 
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    This paper uses the definition of Gauss sum,the estimation of trigonometric sum and the analytic method to study the distribution of the even power weighted mean of  Dirichlet L-functions with the weight of Gauss sums,and give an interesting asymptotic formula of distribution of mean value.
    Two Geometric Inequalities in 2-Dimensional Constant Curvature Space
    WANG Min-Sheng, WANG Geng
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  4-5. 
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    For geodesic triangle in 2-dimensional constant curvature space Σ,in this paper,we improve some inequalities on its interior angle by theory of majorization.
    One Kind of m-Steps Modified Relaxed Projection Method
    FANG Dong-Hui
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  6-9. 
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    Based on the relaxed projection method,the author uses a hyperplane to substitute for the convex set and makes full use of the calculated  bestparameter.A new algorithm named m-steps modified relaxed projection method  is constructed to solve the convex feasibility problem.Furthermore,the algorithm is proved to be strong convergence.
    Ruin Probability of a Kind of Discrete Risk Model
    ZHOU Bin
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  10-12. 
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    This article  studies a kind of discrete risk model,where the arrivals of claims premiums and the occurrence of follow the compound binomial process,establishes the double binomial model,and gives the lundberg inequality of ultimate ruin probability.
    Construction of Security Model of Electronic Government Affair Based on Digit Watermark
    ZHANG Zhen, CAO Jun-Mei, LIU Xing-Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  13-16. 
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    Firstly,the traditional security models of electronic government affair are summerized,then the techniques of digit watermark are analyzed,and finally the security model and implementing process of electronic government affair net based on digital watermark are given.
    Analysis and Optimization on Search Engines' Relevance Ranking Algorithm
    CAI Guo-Min, WANG Ya-Lin
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  17-19. 
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    The relevance ranking technology is a core technology of the search engine result reduction,and the ranking algorithm is directly influence the accuracy ratio.At first,this article points out the good and bad points of the existing ranking algorithm,then it emphatically analyzes the effects of the different ranking algorithm on the accuracy ratio.At last it proposes one kind of advanced  ranking algorithm according to these similarities and differences of these methods.
    Realization of Database File Accessing Based on Stream Technology
    LIU Feng-Long, LIU Ming-Zhen, GUO Guang-Jun
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  20-22. 
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    The BLOB data type in database is introduced,the method of unified accessing files of different types using BLOB data type in Delphi is explored,and the key codes of accessing files of different types in MS SQL Server 2000 database is given.
    Uniform Composite Chaotic Sequence Image Cryptography Algorithm
    PENG Huan, YIN Yang
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  23-26. 
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    In allusion to the bugs of some chaotic cryptography that the recognize is easy to recognize and the sequence’s distributing is asymmetry,a new data cryptology is brought forward which uses the Arnold cat map pretreatment then XOR the uniform composite choatic sequence.The encrypted effect and the capability of resisting to the statistical attack and system recognition  attack is analyzed.
    Bifurcation and Control of the 2D Chaos System
    XIE Yan-Yun, CHANG Ying-Xiang, SUN Hai, LIU Xiao-Jun
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  27-30. 
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    The complex dynamics characters of coupled Logistic map are studied.By the phase portrait and the global bifurcation diagrams,the chaos forming process of the system is studied under the presented system parameters.The nonlinear dynamical activities under the presented system parameters are obtained by the largest Lyapunov exponents and Feigenbaum constants.The chaos of the system is controlled by OGY method.And the steady orbit of the system under controlling is obtained.
    Realization of Three-Dimensional Viewing Transformation in World Scene
    JIANG Ya-Jun
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  31-33. 
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    In order to apply 3D viewing transformation in the world scene,this paper discusses the theory of the 3D viewing transformation and introduces the realizing methods.Besides,it delivers the code segment based on OpenGL.
    Physics and electronics
    Development of the Extensive Quantum Theory and Its Applications in Biology,Chemistry and Physics
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  34-38. 
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    A new form  rn=an2 of the Titius-Bode law and corresponding astronomical quantum theory are applied to the outside planets except the solar system,and are extended to ten companion-galaxies of the galactic cluster.The anthropic principle is derived exactly.It is proved quantitatively that the structure of the solar system should be a symmetric mode of eight major planets.Furthermore,the extensive quantum theory,which has different quantum constants but similar formulations,is also are obtained.Using the geometric average,different values of the quantum constants may be derived for biological,chemical and physical discrete systems with different scales.For example,the quantum constant of man is 1=4.376 4×10 kgm/sec,that of cell is 2=6.793 3×10-8 kgm/sec,and that of macromolecule (i.e.,nanostructure) is 3=8.464 2×10-18 kgm/sec.The results are consistent with the duality in the superstring.
    Theoretical Basis and Circuitry Implementation of Quantum Communication
    ZHOU Xiao-Qing, WU Yun-Wen, LIANG Jian-Chu
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  39-44. 
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    Quantum communication is a fashionable field of physics and informatics at present.Starting with the theoretical basis of quautum communication,the author investigats the method of  dealing with information and the process of carrying information for both sides of communication.The variety of quantum state of transfers' particle and unitary transformation matrix of acceptant are calculated in theory by four Bell radix.The circuitry of quantum communication is provided,and the author obtains Bell radix and quantum gate for corresponding unitary transformation matrix by the circuitry.
    Design of A  Low-Voltage、Rail-to-Rail and Constant  Trans-ConductanceCMOS  Operational Amplifier
    XIE Chang-Yan, HE Yi-Gang
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  45-48. 
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    The principle figures of input stage middle gain stage and output stage for a usual two stage  low-voltage CMOS operational amplifier and their principal performance are presented in the paper.In the input stage the parallel supplementary differential input pair structure by using NMOS tube and PMOS tube is applied in order to enable the input common mode votage range to achieve rail-to-rail.To realize the contant transconductance of input stage,the proportional current mirror technlogy is used.In the middle gain stage,the current mirror load of low voltage wide-swing cascade structure is adopted which is suitable to work in low voltage and increases output resistance,i.e.gain,and realizes rail-to-rail.In the output stage,in order to enhance the efficiency and reach rail-to-raip,it uses the push-pull common soure pole amplifier.To design a norm current source,the differential amplifier with current mirror load is applied which provides the stable bias current and bias voltage to the operational amplifier in order to guarant its stability and accuracy.For preventing op amp oscillation,the Miller compensation technology with adjusting zero  resistance is adopted.The simulation by using Hspice software shows that the performance of the operational amplifier well meets the design requirement.
    A Dynamic Programming Approach for Optimal Control of Switched Discrete System
    CHEN Dong, CHEN Yang-Zhou
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  49-53. 
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    In this paper,the optimal control problem of the switched system which subsystem is discrete linear system is investigated.At the condition of the given switched number,and the quadratic performance function,the multi-periods decision-making problem can be transformed into single decision-making problem to resolve,then the analytic solution of the switched discrete system optimal control problem can be obtained in global.Searching of the switched instant and sequence to minimum the performance function by genetic algorithm,the searching procedure is presented.A numerical example illustrates the effectiveness of the design approach.The simulation shows that the approach can resolve a kind of switched discrete optimal control problem.
    Global Tracking For Nonlinear Control Systems
    WANG Lian-Gui
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  54-58. 
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    Global tracking problems for nonlinear control systems is studied.A new tracking approach is presented.The feedback control law is found.First the nonlinear system must be global asymptotic stable and ensure that when the tracking error tends to zero,the solution of the closed-loop systems is hounded.This shows that the global asymptotic tracking problem of nonlinear systems is solvable.These have reflected the conditions that ensure of the systems normally move in the practical problems.Finally,an example is given to show that the approach is effective.
    Feature Extraction Techniques Based on Gabor Filters
    ZHAO Ying-Nan, YANG Jing-Yu
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  59-62. 
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    First this paper introduces briefly 2D Gabor functions.Then it reviews the feature extraction techniques based on Gabor filters,including selection of sample points,parameters-setting of Gabor filter,postconditioning of Gabor features,and so on.Finally,it proposes further research directions.
    Design of Reactive Power Compensator Based on ARM
    LI Hong-Sheng, WEN Hao
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  63-65. 
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    Based on ARM7 microprocessor of Philips LPC2132,a method used to design the Reactive Power Compensator is presented.The compensator adopts the theory of PID controller and carries out switching of capacitors  by special 8421 mode,which satisfies the request of high speed and control precision.Furthermore,the compensator can display the system parameters momentarily with liquid crystal display.
    The Physical Explanation of FIR Digital High Pass Filter in Time and Frequency Domain
    LEI Xue-Tang, XU Huo-Xi
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  66-68. 
    Asbtract ( 2049 )   PDF ( 2397 )  
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    Using the calculating and mapping function of the MATLAB,considering the characteristics of the digital signal processing,the author analyze the physics process of the convoluting in time domain and the weighting in frequency domain by using the digital high pass filter as the exemplification.
    Study of Replacing Period of Cable of Crane in Smelting Industry
    LI Xiao-Ling, YUAN Ji-Min, LIAO Qi-Long
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  69-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2820 )   PDF ( 1451 )  
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    In smelting process,large amount of cables of crane working in hot environment are likely to reduce its useful-life that can’t be known.Inallusion to the question,a temperature inspector system with a semi-conductor element AD590 was designed for monitoring the actual operating environment and status of those electric cables.Directly measure way and NN forecast were used to calculate the cables useful-life.And the period of cable replacement could be more optimized.Also it is possible to replace the cables by stages and in batches.By this prediction data to stock cables,the repertory capital and cost will be lowered.
    Adaptive Equalization Simulation Based on LMS Algorithm
    ZHANG Ya-Bin, WANG Rong-Li, LIU Xin
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  73-75. 
    Asbtract ( 2697 )   PDF ( 2644 )  
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    As an important aspect of adaptive signal processing,adaptive equalization is widely used in the field of telecommunication,radar,sonar,control and bio medical engineering.In order to overcome the intersymbol interference caused by multipath fadiy and channel distortion,and according to the time-dependent charateristics of real-time tracking mobile communication channel,the author designs on adaptive linear equalization based on LMS algorithm and analyzes its convergence rate and mean square error characteristics by varying the step factor.
    Multigrid Method and Numerical Simulation for Elastic Structures with Highly Discontinuous Coefficients
    XIAO Ying-Xiong, ZHANG Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  76-81. 
    Asbtract ( 2204 )   PDF ( 1580 )  
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    An interface preserving coarsening multigrid method is proposed for the solution of elastic structures with highly discontinuous coefficients.It selects coarse grid points so that all the coarse grids are aligned with the interface for regular interface elastic proplems on structured grids.As a result,multigrid with simple linear interpolation and point block Gauss-Seidel smoothing is sufficient to obtain the usual rapid convergence.Numerical results show that the convergence rate of the resulting multigrid method is independent of the mesh size and the size of the jumps at the interfaces.
    Selection of Height of the Object in the Experiment Measuring the Index of Refraction with the Macroscopic Method
    LIAO Li-Xin, XIANG Ji-Wen, MI Xian-Wu
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  82-84. 
    Asbtract ( 2245 )   PDF ( 1420 )  
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    The relation between the height of the measured object and measuring precision is analyzed in the experiment measuring the index of refraction with macroscopic method;and it is also demonstrated how to select the height of the measured object to ensure clear image and least measuring error.It is concluded that the height of the object H should satisfy:H≤nh;on the other hand,the closer H is to nh,the higher the measuring precision is.In a word,the height of the object should be slightly smaller than nh.
    Biological resources
    Relationship Between the Distribution and the Environmental Factors in Epiphytic Moss Dolichomitriopsis Diversiformis
    CHEN Jun, LIU Bing, LI Jing, JIANG Dao-Song
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  85-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2399 )   PDF ( 1376 )  
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    Based on the field investigations,laboratory examinations and statistical analysis,the results showed,that the altitude and the slope aspect had no significant effect on the distribution of Dolichomitriopsis diversiformis (Mitt.) Nog.) in its distributive area in Fanjing Mountain,that the distribution of D.diversiformis on the upper parts,middle parts and lower parts of five host tree trunks had positive correlation with the bark water content of the corresponding parts(r was 0.75,0.74,0.82,0.44,0.15 respectively) and that the distribution of D.diversiformis on the sides of near ground and far groud in different degree inclined tree trunks had positive correlation with the bark water content in the near ground tree barks and far ground barks.The water content of tree barks was the main factor that influenced the distribution of D.diversiformis.The other ecological factors that influenced the distribution of D.diversiformis were also analyzed and summarized.
    Spore Morphology of Selaginellaceae from Torrid and Subtorrid Zone
    ZHU Yu-Qiong, WANG Gui-Zhong, LIU Xiao-Rui, ZHANG Qiao-Yan, SUN Xiao-Hong, LIU Jia-Xi
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  89-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2395 )   PDF ( 1353 )  
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    The spores of six species of S.boninensis Baker,S.willdenowii (Desv.) Baker,S.xipholepis Baker,S.indica (Milde)R.M.Tryon,S.wallichii ( Grev.)Spring,S.arbuscula (Kaulf.)Spring from torrid and subtorrid zone were observed by  SEM.The results showed that the spore morphology of seleginellaceae is radiosymmetic and trilete with intricate surface ornamentation;the sporodem ornamentation is mainly composite and distinct.The results provide some basic materials for the study of the morphology and systematic evolution of Selaginellaceae.
    In Vitro Experiment on the Antioxidative Activity of Viola Diffusa Ging Aqueous Extract
    LI Xian-Hui, LI Chun-Yan, LV Jiang-Ming , FANG Shi-Xian, PENG Xiang-Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  95-97. 
    Asbtract ( 2131 )   PDF ( 1699 )  
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    Objective:to Study the eliminating free radical effect of the aqueous extraction from Viola diffusa Ging(VDG).Methods:the ability of eliminating ·OH and MDA by aqueous extraction of VDG was detected by in vitro experiment.Results:the aqueous extract of VDG in dosage group of 30,15,7.5 g/L could significantly eliminate ·OH and  decrease MDA level(P<0.01).Conclusion:the aqueous extract of VDG can significantly eliminate free radical.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    The Properties of Thermodynamics of CuCl2 in DMF-H2O Mixed Solvent
    WANG Wei-Dong, HUA Yong
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  98-101. 
    Asbtract ( 2764 )   PDF ( 1674 )  
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    The reversible cell discussed in this paper consists of the copper electrode and the Ag-AgCl electrode.By the Nernst formula and the limited formula of Debye-Hückel,the measured the activity coefficients and the relative partial molar free energies of copper chloride in H2O-DMF mixed solvent at different experimental temperatures were calculated.The behaviors of change of the activity coefficients and the relative partial molar properties of copper chloride in H2O-DMF mixed solvent are discussed on the basis of theory of electrolytic solution.
    The Bioactivity Models of Substituted Aromatics to Sword Fish (Xiphophorus Felleri) and Rare Minnow (Gobiocypris)
    LI Ming-Jian, FENG Chang-Jun
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  102-105. 
    Asbtract ( 2450 )   PDF ( 1347 )  
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    An atomic parameter (gi) for non-hydrogen atom i is defined as:gi=(ni-1)0.5·mi·((tc)/(ti))αi-(-1)hi+ki(1+k2i)hβii.A novel topological index (mL) is built up with(gi)in this paper.The quantitative structure-activity relationships(QSAR) studies are performed in relation to the acute toxicitiea and 0L of substituted aromatic compounds (with substituents —Cl,—OH,—NO2  and alkyl).The linear regression models between the 96h-LC50 and 0L of the compounds to aquatic organisms are proposed as follows:(1) sword fist  -lg LC50=-0.949 9+0.0306 0L,R=0.977 4;(2) rare minnow  -lg LC50′=-1.165 8+0.035 40L,R=0.995 4.The values calculated by the models are basically true as the experiment values.
    Topological Calculation of Biodegradation Rate Constants of Substituted  Benzoic Acids
    YANG Chun-Feng, FENG Chang-Jun, MU Lai-Long
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  106-108. 
    Asbtract ( 2464 )   PDF ( 1498 )  
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    Parameters obtained from topological indices and quntitative calculation regress with the biodegradation rate constants;hence,the established binary mathematical model has good correlation,robustness and reproducibility.
    Medical Science
    Relationship Between Matrix Metalloproteinases and Atherosclerosis in Diabetics Mellitus
    SHA Yong-Hong, TANG Wei-Li
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  109-112. 
    Asbtract ( 2375 )   PDF ( 1365 )  
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    As a common chronic macrovalcular disease of diabetes mellitus (DM),Atherosclerosis (As) accounts for 80% mortality of DM.MMPs is knowed closely related to As in DM,and plays important roles in homeostasis of ECM,tissue remodelling and rehabilitating.High level of MMPs detected in diabetic patients with As suggests that MMPs may be important in the development and progressing of diabetic vascular disease.It would be helpful for preventing and restraining diabetic vascularopathy when targeting to decrease the level of MMPs.
    Study on the Relationship Between the Counts of MC and MV in Tissues of Primary Hepatocarcinoma(PHC)
    XIANG Zhi-Gang, YANG Zhu-Lin, ZHONG Fei
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  113-116. 
    Asbtract ( 2231 )   PDF ( 1272 )  
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    Objective:To study on the counts of microvessel(MV) and mast cell(MC) in the tissues of primary hepatocarcinoma(PHC) and detect the relation to the clinicopathological features of PHC,and the relationship between the counts of MC and MV.Methods:The stains of MV and MC were completed by the immunohistochemical method of avidin-biotin complex in routine paraffin-embedded sections from 47 cases with PHC.Results:The count means of MV and MC in the cancer tissues were significantly higher than that in the peri-cancerous tissues(MV,67.30±13.68/HP vs.37.20±10.58 /HP,p<0.01;MC,15.64±4.54/HP vs 8.08±2.03 /HP,p<0.01);the count of MV in the patients with AFU(pre-operation) ≤10 μg/mL  in serum(70.41±13.03) was significantly higher than that whose AFU >10 μg/mL(59.97±12.69)(p<0.05) and the count of MV in the patients with metastasis(73.50±13.77) was significantly higher than that of non-metastasis(64.10±12.68) (p<0.05).There were no correlation among the count of MV,MC and the other main clinicopathological features of PHC;the count of MC was significantly correlated with the count of MV(r=0.348,p<0.05).Conclusions:The count of MC and MV might be closely related to the carcinogenesis and the progress of PHC;MC might be closely related to enhance the tumor angiogenesis.
    Nursing of Patients with Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma Treated by Chemotherap Combined with Hyperthermia
    LI Hong, XIAO Chang-Gen
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  117-119. 
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    Objectives:To Tnvestigate the nursing of patients with advanced ovarian carcinoma treated by chemotherapy  combined with hyperthermia.Methods:44 patients accepted general nursing,nursing of tox-side reaction,mental nursing.Results:44 patients could cooperate during treatment and had low tox-side reaction but good therapeutic effect.Conclusions:Nursing of patients with advanced ovarian carcinoma must be mainly general and mental,tox-side reaction must be observed closely and treated in time to relief the distress of patients and elevate therapeutic effect.
    Library and Information
    Analysis About the Cited Papers of Journal of Jishou University (Natural Science Edition)
    ZHU Chang-Ju, YI Bi-Wu
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  120-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2445 )   PDF ( 1261 )  
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    Based on the date of China citation database of CNKI database,the cited situation of published papers of Journal of Jishou university (Natural science Edition) from 1999 to 2004 is statistically analyzed,aiming at valuating,from the perspective of documentary citation,the academic achievement and quality of published papers of  Journal of Jishou university (Natural science Edition).
    Strategies on Promoting Service-Enterprise Competitiveness Based on Customer Value
    JIANG Cai-Fang
    journal6, 2006, 27(5):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2424 )   PDF ( 1687 )  
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    On the basis of eight-elements,four-phases,service competitive superiority,service-value chain and customer value of service-enterprise competitiveness,this paper points out that the competitive superiority of service-enterprise lies in customer value and it is the new resources of competitiveness,the motivity of customer satisfaction and faithfulness,and the foundation of strategetic innovations.Based on customer value,this paper also constructs a dynamic research model for service-enterprise competitiveness.In order to promote its competitiveness,enterprise must put strategy of customer value into effect,put emphasis on obtaining customer knowledge,estimate customer value precisely and establish service management culture which is based on customer value.
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