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    25 January 2008, Volume 29 Issue 1
    A Conjecture Concerning Unit Fractions
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  1-2. 
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    In this paper,a conjecture concerning the decimals of unit fractions is verified.
    Differential Equations Wonderful Solutions and Properties of Mathematics Curves
    LIU Jun, WANG Mu-Biao
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  3-6. 
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    The differential equations wonderful solutions and  some  mathematics  curves are studied,and properties of these mathematics curves are obtained.
    Fixed Point Theorems of Mixed Monotone Operator
    LUAN Shi-Xia, SUN Qin-Fu, ZHAO Yan-Ling
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  7-9. 
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    Using the cone theory and non-symmetric iteration method,the author studies the existence and uniqueness of solutions to a class of anti-monotone operator equations in Banach spaces.And the iteration sequences which converge to solution of operator equations and the error
    estimates are also given.The results presented improve and generalize some corresponding results for mixed monotone operator.
    Hamiltonian in k-Factor in Graph
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  10-12. 
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    Through Bauer Theorem,the author gives a new short proof of a conjecture:let G be a 2-connected graph on n vertices where every pair of nonadjacent vertices has degree sum at least n-k and assume furthermore that G has a k-factor,then G is Hamiltonian.
    Extrapolation of Bilinear Finite Element with Non-Smooth Solution
    WEI Ji-Dong, ZHU Qi-Ding
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  13-17. 
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    For no-smooth solution (u∈H或H),the authors define a new kind of error order by using projection type interpolation expansion,and then discuss the super-convergence and extrapolation of bilinear finite element with non-smooth solution.
    Geometric Characterization for Bivariate Interpolation and Plane Configurations of Interpolation Nodes
    CUI Li-Hong, FENG Da-Yu
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  18-21. 
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    The existence and uniqueness of solution of bivariate interpolation problems are determined by the geometric characterization (GC) of a set of interpolation nodes.By means of the introduced concept defect,the sets satisfying the GC5 condition are discussed in this paper and geometric plane configurations of the conjecture are obtained when n=5.The constructed bivariate Lagrange formula can finally be expressed as a product of linear factors,through which the correctness of the conjecture is verified.
    Versal Unfolding of Equivariant Bifurcation Problems with Parameter Symmetry
    CUI Deng-Lan
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  22-25. 
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    The unfolding of equivariant bifurcation problems with parameter symmetry under a subgroup of left-right equivalence group is discussed.Necessary and sufficient conditions for an unfolding of such a bifurcation problem to be trivial and to be versal are given respectively.
    Refinement of Hardy-Hilbert Type Inequalities with Parameters
    LEI Yi-Hui, HE Le-Ping
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  26-28. 
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    An improvement of Hardy-Hilbert’s inequality can be obtained by means of a sharpening of Hlder’s inequality,a newinequality of the form  ∞n=0∞m=0(ambn/((2m+1)λ+(2n+1)λ)<π/(2λsin(π/p)){∞m=0(2m+1)p-1-λapm}1/p{∞n=0(2n+1)q-1-λbqn}1/q(1-R)kis built.
    History and Current Situation of Bankruptcy Theory Study
    XU Shen-Xin, FANG Da-Fan
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  29-33. 
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    The researches of ruin theory carried out for nearly a century are reviewed generally.First,the clear descriptions,basic assumptions and main results of Lundberg-Cramer classical ruin model are given.Second,the main contributions of Hans GERBER,the leading scholar in ruin theory,and his group are analyzed on emphasis;and two modern approaches,renewal limit theorem and martingale,in researches of ruin theory are introduced.
    Martingale  Pricing  for  Convertible  Bond  with  Risk in Jump-Diffusion Model
    ZHU Dan
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  34-38. 
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    This paper studies the convertible bond with risk in jump-diffusion model.Under the hypothesis that the stock price is satisfied to geometic Brown motion,the pricing formulas of the convertible bond are obtained by means of Martingale approach (risk-neutral valuation).
    Design and Implementation of streaming Media Server Based on SIP Protocol Video Broadcasting
    LI Xin-Guo
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  39-42. 
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    This article discusses the key technology to provide video broadcasting service based on SIP protocol.It designs the protocol hierarchical model and the system structure of streaming media server.According to the system structure,a prototypical system is realized to support the video broadcasting.
    Design of Credit Card Server in Electronic Commerce System
    CHEN Yong, CHEN Jian-Li
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  43-46. 
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    The focus is the design and development of credit card server in electronic commerce system.Working principle and process of system are introduced,credit card server working flow and correspondence protocol are elaborated,and credit card server model using the C/S pattern is established.From the test results,the credit card server can complete the basic function of commodity exchange and payment and credit card management function.
    Applications of Web3D New Technology in Modern Distance Education
    YANG Xi-Shu, LIU Huai-Yu
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  47-50. 
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    The abuse of modern distance education (MDE) was set forth,and the superiority of Web3D in MDE was set forth  in this pager.The particular techniques of Web3D were studied,and the concrete applications of using Web3D in MDE were researched.Then,beautiful prospect applying Web3D for MDE was expected.
    Safe Accessing to Campus Internet Through ARP Cheating
    TIAN Qi-Jun, LI Li-Hua, ZHUO Yue-Ming, TIAN Sheng-Jun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2008, 29(1):  51-54. 
    Asbtract ( 2337 )  
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    The author provides a method to solve the problem of accessing to campus internet safely.Using ARP Request Package District legal identifying,carry out ARP cheating over illegal host,and then prevent illegal host from communicating in campus internet,finally it can be visited it safely.
    Physics and electronics
    The Properties of Dark Matter and Dark energy and Their Correlation
    JIAO Shan-Qing, XU Di-Yu, GONG Zi-Zheng
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  54-57. 
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    Recently some progress has been made on the study of dark matter and dark energy in the universe by British scientists on the basis of analysis of the observational datums by Paranal Observatory.If the dark matter in the universe is regarded as being made up of Fermi type neutrino v0eF and its supersymmetry companion,neutralino U-0eB,the characteristics are calculated according to the mass formula and the radius formula given by the damping scale of free currents of two classes of celestial body evolution and the results basically tally with observations,which supports  the theory of hot dark matter.The correlation between the dark matter and the dark energy is also discussed.
    Teleportation of Arbitrary Three-Particle GHZ State Using Four-Particle GHZ State
    ZHAO Han, ZHOU Xiao-Qing
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  58-61. 
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    Quantum teleportation plays an important role in the field of quantum information.For reduced number of entangled states as quantum channels,the authors execute the entanglement of four particle from the two EPR states by polarization beam splitter,and use it as quantum channels to realize quantum teleportation of a three-particle entangled GHZ state.
    The Detection of Ventricular Late Potentials Based on Blind Source Separation
    ZHANG Hong-Xin, JIA Li-Xin
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  62-65. 
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    Based on fast independent component analysis (FICA),the study of feature extraction and detection about ventricular late potentials (VLP) was conducted.The channel expansion method was proposed to get 4 channel data from 2 channel data.At last,the VLP is separated completely from the normal electrocardiogram by using FICA to carry out bind source separation.The simulation result shows that independent component analysis is an effective means to achieve the feature detection of VLP.
    Adaptive Resource Allocation Algorithm Based On Fairness Principle
    HU Jian-Wu, ZHANG Qi, YU Zhong-Xiu, XU Da-Xiong
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  66-69. 
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    A simplified adaptive resource allocation algorithm is proposed.The algorithm can maximize throughput of OFDMA system and ensure fairness of users,and it has a low computational complexity.It splits the whole allocation into two steps,which include the first subcarrier allocation based on fairness principle and the subsequent power allocation by waterfilling method.The simulation results show that compared with fixed allocation method,the adaptive resource allocation algorithm proposed in this paper could remarkably improve spectral efficiency of OFDM system.
    Research on Nonlinear Distortion of Power Amplifier with Volterra Series
    XIANG Li-Ping, KE Dao-Ming
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  70-74. 
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    The nonlinear phenomenon of power amplifiers and its affections on the performances of communication system are discussed.Nonlinear distortions in MESFET amplifiers are analyzed with a general Volterra series.The effects of the nonlinear parameters,the source impedance and the load impedance on intermodulation distortion are researched.Therefore,some important references are provided for the linearization of PAs.
    Small Target Detection Based on Wavelet Transform
    FAN Xiao-Bing
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 2672 )   PDF ( 1967 )  
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    This paper studies the small moving target detection in the background of the sky,the ground surface or field.Wavelet analysis and inverted transform to image can remove the low-frequency components and speckle noise.We can obtain good results by adopting adaptive thresholding and using the maximum non-zero pixels segmentation,interpolation and region filling. Experimental results show that this method can effectively detect and locate small target and has high anti-noise performance.
    Application of I2C Bus in Serial Extension of Microcontroller
    GAO Xiao-Hong
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  79-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2267 )   PDF ( 1719 )  
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    On the basis of introduction of the structure,principle and mode of data trassmission of I2C bus,the paper summarizes the advantages of I2C bus.As for the microcontroller without I2C bus interface,it can use the microcontroller's I/O interface to simulate I2C bus,which provides a simple way to realize serial extension.According to the application of I2C bus to the temperature controlling system,the design of hardware and the software program in assemble language are introduced in detail.
    Information and Engineering
    Separation of Glutathione from Abandoned Beer Yeast by Macroporous Resin
    QIU Yan-Lin, HU Jing, MIAO Jin-Feng, LIANG Liang
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  83-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2321 )   PDF ( 1865 )  
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    Macroporous resin D001 was adopted for separation of GSH from abandoned beer yeast.The result indicated that optimum technological parameters of separation was that pH of 0.02 mol/L phosphate buffer was 4.5 for adsorption ,while 7.5 for elution,and the elution ratio was 2.9 mL/min.The raw product was white,the purity of the GSH was 28.47% analysised by HPLC,and the reclaimed ratio was 71.6%.
    Biological resources
    Primary Study on the Callus Induction of Dolichomitriopsis diversiformis
    WEI Hua, LI Jing, CHEN Jun, LI You-You
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  87-89. 
    Asbtract ( 2328 )   PDF ( 1659 )  
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    The protonema of Dolichomitriopsis diversiformis (Mitt.) Nog. being used as explants,the effects of two hormones,2,4-D and 6-BA,on the induction of its callus were studied,and the changes of protonema cells were recorded by using the microscope.Results showed that hormones were necessary on its callus induction,2,4-D (0.5~1.5 mg/L) had no effect on callus induction,while 6-BA (1.0~1.5 mg/L) had an obvious effect on it.
    The Effect of Protozoa on Monitoring and Purifying of Water Pollution
    CUI Mu-Zi, SHI Xin-Lu, LIU Gui-Jie, CHEN Hong
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  90-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2866 )   PDF ( 2376 )  
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    Protozoa is an important component in entire aquatic ecosystem,exhibits many of the characterist ics of structure and function of natural water,and plays the substantial ecological role.By their biological character and the changes of the kind and number of community in different circumstances,determine the degree of waste water and purify the waste water.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Molecular Shape and Connectivity Models for Predicting Biodegradability of Substituted Aromatic Compounds
    GUAN Li-Na, ZHU nan, ZHOU Jun, FENG Chang-Jun
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  95-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2367 )   PDF ( 1592 )  
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    Five variables quantitative structure-biodegradability relationship (QSBR) model was established applying Kier’s molecular connectivity indices (mXvt) and shape indices(mK) simulation analysis of the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of 42 substituted aromatic compounds with (by) activated sludge.The model determined that coefficient(R) is 0.482,and standard deviation is 10.706,which possessed robustness and predictability.The model was superior to fragment constant model (R=0.223) and the neural network approach (R=0.427) of literature [3].
    Synthesis of Benzaldehyde Ethylene Glycol Acetal Under Microwave Irradiation Catalyzed by Cupric Sulfate
    ZHENG Li-Pan, DENG Jun-Yun, CHEN Xiao-Yuan
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  101-103. 
    Asbtract ( 3017 )   PDF ( 1663 )  
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    Benzaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal was directly synthesized from benzaldehyde and ethylene glycol under microwave irradiation with cupric sulfate as catalyst.The effects of microwave irradiation power,microwave irradiation time,reactant ratio,amount of catalyst,amount of water-carrying agent cyclohexane on the yield of benzaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal were studied. The results showed that the most suitable conditions for the reaction are as follows:microwave irradiation power is 600 W,irradiation time is 12 min,benzaldehyde 0.075 mol,ethylene glycol 0.112 5 mol,the amount of cupric sulfate is 1.2 g,the amount of cyclohexane is 12 mL,and the yield is up to 77.9%.
    Reversed-Phase HPLC Determination of Shikimic Acid in Illicium Verum Hook.F.
    LI Wei, CAO Yong, WEI Hua, ZHOU Dong-Wu
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  104-106. 
    Asbtract ( 3332 )  
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    OBJECTIVE To establish a RP-HPLC method for the determination of Shikimic Acid in Illicium verum Hook.f.METHODS In RP-HPLC analysis,a Waters Symmetry C18 column (5 μm,4.6 mm×150 mm,i.d.) was selected as separation column at 30 ℃±1 ℃.The mobile phase consisted of 0.01 mol/L K2HPO4 phosphate buffer (pH=3,I =0.17 mol/L) and 3% methanol.The flow rate was 0.5 mL/min and the wavelength of measurement was 220 nm.The average recovery was 97.76% with RSD of 1.937% (n=5).CONCLUSION The method was proved to be quick,simple,and highly sensitive and can be useful in Shikimic Acid medicines quality control.
    Investigation and Analysis of Development and Exploitation of the Physical Education Curriculum Resources in College
    ZHANG Hui-Hong
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  107-110. 
    Asbtract ( 2485 )   PDF ( 1485 )  
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    By referring to the literature,interview with experts,and questionnaire,the author investigates and analyses the current development and exploitation of the curriculum resources of college physical education.Based on the investigation,the author puts forward some constructive suggestion.
    Investigation of the Current Curriculum Program Implementation of Physical Education Major in Local Colleges
    ZHAO Ji-Yang, ZOU Xiao-二, LI Jian-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  111-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2305 )   PDF ( 1669 )  
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    Based on the investigation,the authors analyse the current curriculum program of physical education major in some colleges of Hunan province.The progress and problems found will become the reference for the curriculum program reform of phycsical education major.
    Factors Influencing the Teaching Effect of College Athletics Course and Countermeasures
    ZHANG Jian
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  115-117. 
    Asbtract ( 2115 )   PDF ( 1462 )  
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    The author analyses the subjective and objective factors which influence the teaching effect of the college athletics course,and proposes countermeasures to improve the teaching effect.
    Current Situation and Countermeasures of Resident's Participation in Physical Exercises in Western Hunan
    SONG Hai-Bin, WAN Yi
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  118-122. 
    Asbtract ( 2381 )   PDF ( 1514 )  
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    By literature material investigation and study,questionnaire survey,fieldwork,and mathematical statistics,this paper conducted an investigation on the current status of physical exercises in Western Hunan,and proposed the targeted strategy and suggestions.The result indicated that the residents who take part in physical exercises spontaneously all take some simple sports without demanding courts and with small expenditure,while the  other residents refuse to participate in sport  mainly owing to lack of leisure time and fatigue after hard work.Aiming to this situation,human resources,financial and material support should first be provided for each village,and such support should be strengthened step by step.
    Medical Science
    The Application of  C1-C2 Pedicle Screw Instrument by Direct Vision in Atlas
    LI Fei-Wen, XIANG Hong-Fu, YANG Fu-Long, CHEN Chang-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  123-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2527 )   PDF ( 1572 )  
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    objective:To explore the surgical feasibility of C1-C2 pedicle screw instrument by direct vision in atlas.Method:12 adult patients with atlantoaxial instability were treated with C1-C2 pedicle screws instrument by direct vision under general anesthesia.Bone graft were administered in all patients.Result:A total of 24 screws were successfully placed in atlas.All patients were followed up from 3 to 15 months,averaged 4.2 months.No cases of implant failure were observed,and there were no neural or vascular injure.All patients had a bone fusion on radiographs after three or six months.Conclusion:The application of C1-C2 pedicle screw instrument by direct vision in atlas is safe,and the clinical result is satisfactory.
    Developing Folk Tourism Resources of  Western Hunan and Analysis of the Economic Features
    PENG Yong-Sheng
    journal6, 2008, 29(1):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2284 )   PDF ( 1441 )  
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    This paper expounds the necessity of the development of folk tourism resources and the exploit projects of western Hunan by the analysis of the local rich and unique folk culture tourism resources; then gives the Reference of western Hunan Economic Development and Planning by the analysis of the Economic Features of  Folk tourism.
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