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    25 November 2007, Volume 28 Issue 6
    A Problem of Polynomial Interpolation of Cubic Polynomial with Two Unknown
    CUI Li-Hong, LIU Li-Dan, ZHAO Fu-Chun
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  1-3. 
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    Some interpolation on two dimensional Euler space of triangular domain is studied.The authors advance three kinds of problems about polynomial interpolation of cubic polynomial with two unknown,and prove the existence,the uniqueness with Bezout's theorem and the feasibility of solving polynomial interpolation of cubic polynomial with two unknown on triangular domain by example.
    Qualitative Analysis and Exact Solutions to  n-Dimension Fisher Equation
    LIU Fa-Gui, LI Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  4-6. 
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    The paper concerns with  Fisher equation,and the authors construct some new exact solutions  by using the trial function method.At the same time,qualitative analysis is given  by the method of phase plane analysis in ODEs.
    An Inequatity on  the Number of Primes
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  7-8. 
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    For any positive integer x,let π(x) denote the number of primes p with p≤x.Further,for any positive integers n,let f(n)=π(x)+π(2x)+…+π(nx).In this paper,it is proved that if x≥4 and n≥6,then f(n)>π(n(n+1)x/2).
    On the First Power Weighted Mean of the Dirichlet L-Functions
    GAO Li, MA Peng-Fei
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  9-10. 
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    The first power weighted mean of Dirichlet L-functions and the asymptotic formula of a mean value are presented using the definition of Gauss sum,the estimation of  trigonometric sum and the analytic methods.
    Request of Solution Sets of Logic Equational Group By Applying the Relation of Logic Equation Solution Sets
    DING Dian-Kun
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  11-12. 
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    The article gives some theories about the relations among solution sets of logic equations  mi=1(Fi+G-i)=1,mi=1 FiG-i=1 and logic equational group F1=G1,Fm=Gm.The following conclusion is obtained:if solution set of  mi=1(Fi+G-i)=1and mi=1 FiG-i=1 are S1,S2 separately,thus solution set of logic equational group F1=G2,Fm=Gm is S1-S2.
    Minimal Realization of Linear System Based on Invariant Factors of Transfer Function Matrix
    GAO Zun-Hai, QIN Lei
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  13-17. 
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    Based on the Smith-McMillan normal form of a transfer function matrix,a kind of minimal realizations of a proper rational transfer function matrix are discussed.The minimal realization of each invariant corresponds to a cycle system.If the rank of the Smith-McMillan normal form of a transfer function matrix is r,then the minimal realization corresponds to a direct sum of r cycle systems.Especially,the controllability canonical realizations and the observability canonical realizations are obtained when a transfer function matrix is the form of column vector or row vector and when the system matrix is the form of block circulant matrix,which are the improvement of current conclusions.
    Bound of the Second and Minimum Eigenvalues in Weighted Graph
    ZHU Zhong-Xun, LAN Zhi-Cheng
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  18-21. 
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    Using the second largest modulus of the eigenvalues of B=(bij)≥0,the authors obtain the bound of the second largest of the eigenvalues  θ2(A(G)) and the bound of the minimum eigenvalues  of θn(A(G)) of weighted graph G.
    Application of Casimir Functions to  Generalized Hamiltonian Control System
    YANG Xin-Song, RUI Wei-Guo
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  22-29. 
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    The authors investigate Casimir functions on Pseudo-Poisson manifold and one necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for the existence of Casimir functions on Pseudo-Poisson manifold.As an application,by using Casimir functions,how to construct a corresponding augment generalized Hamiltonian system and the maintenance of energy-conservation are also concerned.
    Application of Ideal Analysis of Security Protocols
    LIU Shou-Zhen, HU Zhi-Gang
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  30-33. 
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    Strand space theory has been an important method since being advanced.Because of the special structure of ideal,Guttman,et al,the ideal of information algebra and honesty have been introduced to the analysis of the secrecy of Otway-Rees protocol in literature.In this paper,the authors focus on applying ideal to analyze other security properties of cryptographic protocols,mainly secrecy,authentication,forward secrecy and how to resist guessing attack.
    Research on 3D Simulation Technology Applied in Navigation-Aid Management
    GAO Yan-Song, WENG Yue-Zong, PENG Guo-Jun, KE Ran-Xuan, SHAO Jin-Xing
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  34-36. 
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    Through deep research on the “3D navigation application” IALA recommendation and the analysis of international and domestic recent advances in high-tech information technology in the field of navigation applications,according to the routine operational needs of the navigation-aid custody,this paper develops an exploration into management and monitoring of navigation-aid based on 3D simulation technology.Simultaneously,by the use of high-fidelity 3D visual simulation and ship handling simulator,the concrete simulation inspections applied research on the navigation-aid layout was underway.This paper briefly introduces the research of the application of 3D simulation technology in management of navigation-aid.And associated with the status of main channel of Xiamen,from two application layers,one is inspection of navigation-aid interval,the other is verification of the most suitable position for navigation-aid in turning point of channel,this paper presents the way of navigation-aid layout by help from full mission ship handling simulator.
    Application of Spherical Wavelet in Geometry Signal Compression
    PENG Guo-Jun, TAN Jia-Wan, PAN Zhi-Geng
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  37-44. 
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    This paper proposed a novel geometry compression method using spherical wavelet.Given a manifold triangle mesh with zero genus and arbitrary topology,it is globally parameterized over the unit sphere S2 in E3 firstly.At the same time,by subdividing an icosahedron and projecting all its vertices onto the unit sphere from the center,we can get a spherical triangle mesh with subdivision topology.Then we re-sampling all signals defined on the surface of the original triangle mesh at the vertices of the spherical subdivision mesh and get a set of discrete geometry signals with subdivision topology which can be compressed by using spherical wavelet.
    XML Schema’s Deriving and Grouping
    QIN Zun-Yue, ZHUO Yue-Ming, XU Hong-Zhi, HUANG Wei
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  45-49. 
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    Since XML Schema can't be directly converted into relation-model,the authors design the structure information and constraint information of structure dictionary,and apply a greedy algorithm to realize the mechanism mapping to be relation model.The experimental result indicates that the structure dictionary and the algorithm support the reconstruction of XML document.
    Physics and electronics
    Discuss for Josephson Junction Stability in Feebleness Coupling
    WU Yun-Wen, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, CHEN Bing-Quan
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  50-52. 
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    The moving state of Josephson junction is analysed in feebleness coupling by outward force;moreover the authors analysed stability for systems,so that we are capable of regulating system for dynamics action.
    A Deduction of the Parameter  About N-Port Network with Field Theory
    HONG Qing-Quan
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  53-57. 
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    Using network state equation of loop current method and the new formula of loop self-complex impedance and loop mutual-complex impedance,the author deduces arbitrary parameter Y of passive N-port network.The other parameters can be deduced with the results.The illustration deduced with field theory is verified too.
    Optimized Design of Resonant Cavity Enhanced Photo Detector
    PENG Xiu-Yan, PENG Xiu-Chuan, WU Li-Hua, XU Qian
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  58-61. 
    Asbtract ( 2380 )   PDF ( 1898 )  
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    In a light communication system,two important parameters of the photoelectricity detector are quanta efficiency and respond rate.The thickness of the absorb layer must be augmented to obtain higher quanta efficiency,which prolongs the transit time of the carriers,thus slowing the respond rate.RCEPD can solve the problem of the restriction between the quanta efficiency and the response rate.In this paper,the author design a long wavelength RCEPD,and with sufficiently considering the difficulties in the making craftwork,and analyzing the factors of RCEPD in each aspect,we optimize the whole design.
    Relationship Between the “Rank” and the Solution for Nonlinear Evolution Equations
    LIU Ling-Hong, TAN Zi-You
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  62-64. 
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    The Jacobi elliptic function expansion method can’t be applied to the “rank” different kind of nonlinear evolution equation was proved by introducing a concept of “rank”.Moreover,the tanh function and many kinds of the double function expansion method are suitable to solve not only the “rank” same kind but also the “rank” different kind of nonlinear evolution equation by extended the proof.
    An Orthogonal Pulses Shaping Method for UWB Avoiding Narrow Band Interference
    ZHANG Hong-Xin, ZHANG Jin-Ling
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  65-69. 
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    A new method to generate orthogonal UWB shape pulses is proposed,which has no narrow band interference,and the desired shape pulses have been given.The simulation results show that the power spectral density distribution of the short time impulses that is generated with this method is met to the constraint of FCC spectral mask of UWB and have very high spectral utility rate.This is not only to reduce the interference of multi-users,but also avoid the frequency coexistence interference of UWB and narrow band system.
    Taxi Monitoring Communication Termind Design Based on TC35〖WT5BZ〗
    LI Bo-Yong, CHEN Yan-Hui
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  70-73. 
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    Through GSM module TC35,the taxi monitoring system collects the information such as location,speed and other situations and transmit the information in the form of short news to the monitoring management center or directly alarm the center.The monitoring management center can call and dispatch command to the moving termind.The present GSM network has wide cover range and a few blind areas,the authors thus design an kind of monitoring system which runs with low cost,high integration,and great stability and can be applied to remote monitoring without being interfered by terrain.
    Hardware Implementation of a Neural Network Based Path Planning Algorithm
    ZENG Qing-Li, LI Li-Hua, TANG Sheng-Xue
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  74-76. 
    Asbtract ( 2078 )   PDF ( 1426 )  
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    This paper presents a new approach for designing a neural network based path planning algorithm in an Integrated Circuit by using the VHDL.The structure of the VHDL provides a convenient construct for the implementation of neural network into electronichardware.In addition,with VHDL analyzer and logic synthesissoftware,hardware prototypes can be implemented in FPGA.It is of wide use with its high stablization.
    Detection of Multi Moving Targets in a SAR Image Based on High-Oder Ambiguity Function
    NIE Zhi-Biao, YU Hai-Feng, XIA Wen-Qing, CHEN Guang-Dong
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  77-80. 
    Asbtract ( 2680 )   PDF ( 1494 )  
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    The time-frequency analysis can transform the time domain signal into time-frequency domain,and reveal the law of frequency changing with time.Combining with “clean” technique,the authors propose a multi moving targets indication method based on the modeling of instantaneous phase,induced by the relative radar/target motion,as a generic order polynomial and on the estimation of the polynomial coefficients by the so-called product high-order ambiguity function.  The simulation experiment result proves this method to be valid.
    Biological resources
    The Anther Structure and Pollen Ontogeny in Hosta Tratt.
    LIU Jia-Xi, SU Li-Juan, CHEN Zu-Keng, XI Yi-Zhen, LIU Xiao-Rui
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  81-86. 
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    The anther’s structure and pollen ontogeny in Hosta Tratt.containning 6 species and 4 related taxas were studied by light microscopy.The results are as follows:(1) The mature anther wall consists of 1 epiderm,1 endothecium,1 middle cell,and 1 tapetum.(2) The four microsporangia arranges in linear mode and occur on the introrse side.(3) The  male-gametogenesis is non-homogeneous.(4) The mature pollen is 3-cellular and the vegetative cell is filled with a large number of starch grains.(5) 2n=2x=60.(6) About 9~13 traces were often seen in the tepals in transection.Consequently,the authors agree with the view of Takhtajan (1997) and Wu et al.(2003) and elevate the Genus Hosta level of the  Family Hostaceae.
    Changes in Oxidase Activities in Rice Varieties Under Drought Stress
    WU Guang-Hui, XIAO Huai-Dong, HU Song-Ping, OUYang-Lin-Zhu , ZHOU Qing-Ming, CAI Run
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  87-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2632 )   PDF ( 1492 )  
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    This paper studied the rules of some oxidase activities’ changes such as SOD,POD and CAT of Brazilian Upland Rice IAPAR9 and typical rice varieties under drought stress.The results showed that:correlative enzyme activity such as SOD and POD could express drought resistant ability of rice varieties,and their varied range might be taken as good biochemical indices of evaluating drought resistant ability of rice;CAT activity varied complicatedly,so it could not be taken as an index of drought resistance.IAPAR9 had a higher level of POD activity,and middle level of SOD and CAT activity.
    Comprehensive Preventive Measurements of the Common Disease from the Captive Alpine Musk Deer (Moschus Chrysogaster)
    WANG Cheng-Hua, HAO Xin, KANG Fa-Gong, PAN Shi-Cheng, ZHANG Xue-Yan, JIANG Ying-Wen, LIU Zhi-Xiao
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  92-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2558 )   PDF ( 1819 )  
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    In order to protect and make full use of the musk deer resource,the musk deer farming is of great significances.The paper reviews briefly the causes,symptoms,and preventive and curative measurements of the common diseases from the captive alpine musk deer in Xinglongshan,Gansu such as respiratory disease,digestive and nutritive disease,urinary disease,parasitic disease,traumatic disease,and stress disease.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Solvent-Free Synthesis of Cyclohexanone 1,2-Propanediol Ketal  Catalyzed  by Sulphonic Acid  Under Microwave Irradiation
    ZHANG Ai-Hua, YIN Du-Lin, WU Zhu-Qing
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  102-104. 
    Asbtract ( 2598 )   PDF ( 1476 )  
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    Cyclohexanone 1,2-propanediol ketal was synthesized from cyclohexanone and 1,2-propanediol using p-toluene sulphonic acid  as catalysts without  solvent under microwave irradiation.The effects of reactant ratio,amount of catalyst,microwave irradiation power and microwave irradiation time on the yield of cyclohexanone 1,2-propanediol ketal were studied.The optimal conditions for the synthesis were as follows:n(cyclohexanone)∶n(1,2-propanediol)=1∶1.6,mass ratio of catalyst to reactant 0.5%,microwave irradiation power 350W and radiation time 3min.Under these conditions,the yield of cyclohexanone 1,2-propanediol ketal could reach 78.0%.
    Review of the Study on Urban Community Sports
    PENG Chang-Jin
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  105-109. 
    Asbtract ( 2309 )   PDF ( 1786 )  
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    Although the history of urban community sports is short,it is developing rapidly due to the urbanization,and the study on it draws great attention and great breakthrough has been made.However,the study of its basic theory has not become mature,and there is still disagreement about some basic conception;thus,perplexity and confusion in the applied study are caused.In words,further study must be conducted in many fields.
    Investigation and Countermeasures of the Health and Bodybuilding Situation for College Intellectuals of  Western  China
    XIAO Hong-Qing
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  110-112. 
    Asbtract ( 2055 )   PDF ( 1598 )  
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    By analyaing the health and bodybuilding situation for  college intellectuals in Western China,the author puts forward the corresponding countermeasure and suggestions for promoting their health status.
    Effects of Exercise on Actin of Muscle
    LI Xing-Ping, TANG Guo-Yong
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  113-115. 
    Asbtract ( 2274 )   PDF ( 1472 )  
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    This article describes the structure,function and factors that influence actin polymerization and discusses the effects of exercise on it.The existing research results are all to reflect actin change from the mRNA level of actin.But mRNA level can not totally reflect the change of protein.Proteomics technology is an effective method to solve this problem.
    Current Situation of Commercial Insurance and the National Insurance in China
    JIANG Cai-Fang, YI Bi-Wu, ZOU Sheng-Jun
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  116-120. 
    Asbtract ( 2249 )   PDF ( 1411 )  
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    Insurance is an old category,but insurance industry is the result of capitalist development.The commercial insurance shows some trends,i.e.,premium is increasing,insurance’s depth and density are improving,market concentration rate is rising,and relevant products develop fast and so on in the worldwide.Since China reestablished commercial insurance in 1980,our country’s national industry achieved great development,the number of market subject is increasing,insurance estate is expanding,and relevant laws is perfecting and so on.At the same time,there do still exist some problems,such as the low insurance quality,the low insurance’s social position,unfair competition,and reputation risk.
    Regional Capability of Innovation Measurement and Evaluation System——Hunan Model and Example to the Test
    WU Zhong-Cai
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  121-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2437 )   PDF ( 1457 )  
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    Regional innovation is an important guarantee for national innovation strategy.The paper,using factor analysis,establishes a regional innovation measurement model and sets up a evaluation system on Hunan as an example.Based on the analysis of the evidence,the article proposes to speed up the transformation of high-tech achievements,promote the optimization of the industrial structure,and enhance regional cooperation.
    Sustainable Development of the Tourism and the Present Situation of Tianmenshan National Forest Park
    QIN Mei-Rong
    journal6, 2007, 28(6):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 3139 )   PDF ( 2387 )  
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    Tianmenshan National Forest Park is a national 5-A scenic spot with the rich and distinctive eco-tourist resources.Considering its present situation,Tianmenshan national forest park hasn’t got utmost economic,social and ecological effects.This paper puts forward the countermeasures of the sustainable development on the basis of large amount of practical investigations.
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