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    25 November 2010, Volume 31 Issue 6
    Mathematical Model of Renovating  the Technical Equipment of Decision-Making
    SU Fa-Hui
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  1-6. 
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    Clear mathematical model is used to evaluate the reliablilty of the design scheme of a manufacturing machine.In the clear mathematical model,experts estimate the service life and update period of a manufacturing machine,and work out the rational number;after the operation of rational numbers,experts determine the reliability of the design scheme.In this way,the design will better fit in with the practical production,resources will rationally allocated,and the scientific basis can be provided for the investor.
    Properties of Binary Relation Embryo and Embryo Decomposition of Binary Relation
    LI Hong-Gang, ZHU Hong-Ying
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  7-8. 
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    Some the concepts  are introduced about the reflexive embryo,the irreflexive embryo,the symmetric embryo,the antisymmetric embryo,the equivalence embryo,the partial ordering embryo a binary relation.The properties of these  embryos are discussed.And three the embryo decompositions of binary relation are obtained.
    Positive Solutions of Third-Order Periodic Boundary Value Problems with Variable Coefficient
    YAO Qing-Liu
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  9-13. 
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    The positive solutions of a nonlinear third-order periodic boundary value problem with variable coefficient are studied.The nonlinear term may be singular with respect to the space variable.By making use of a suitable transformation,the problem is transformed into a Hammerstein integral equation.By applying Guo-Krasnosel'skii fixed point theorem on cone,the existence of one and two po sitive solutions is proved.
    Periodic Solution of Some Non-Autonomous Second Order Hamiltonian Systems
    HE Xiao-Fei, CHEN Guo-Ping, XIE Jing-Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  14-18. 
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    By making use of the least action principle and the saddle point theorem in critical point theory.The existence of  periodic solutions is studied for some non-autonomous second order Hamiltonian systems in the cases of and linear growth the  sublinear growth.Some new solvability conditions are obtained.
    A High Accuracy Extrapolation Difference Scheme forSolving the Schrdinger Equation
    RE Na-·A-Si-Ha-Er, A Bu-Du-Re-Xi-Ti-·A-Bu-Du-Wai-Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  19-22. 
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    The Crank-Nicolson scheme is presented for solving Schrdinger equation.The Richardson’s extrapolation method is successfully applied to the scheme.Meanwhile,the numerical solution can be gained with accuracy of O(τ4 +h4).This method is shown to be unconditionally stable.The result of numerical experiment shows that the new scheme has higher accuracy than Crank-Nicolson scheme.
    Asymptotic Expansion Methods for 2-D Radiation Heat Conduction Equations
    LIU Zhi-Qing, NIE Cun-Yun, NIE Pan-Ren
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  23-26. 
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    2-D radiation heat conduction equations have multi-scale characteristic and strong discontinuity.The asymptotic expansion method is  effective to solve such problems,whose main idea is to decompose the elliptic vector equation with multi-scale characteristic into several elliptic vector equation with smooth  (or single-scale characteristic) coefficients.For a kind of linear radiation heat conduction equations,this paper designs and analyzes a linear finite element method based on the asymptotic expansion,and gives corresponding error estimation.
    Conditional Generalized Ridge-Type Estimation and Its Diagnostic Statistic
    ZHANG Shang-Li, TAO Yun, HE Xiao-Ling
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  27-31. 
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    This paper studies the biased estimation in linear model with equality restrictions and its diagnostic statistic which can assess the influence of deleting date in the date-deleted model.The conditional generalized ridge-type estimation is proposed,and its relation fomula in different models is given.The upper bound of influence in date-deleted model is derived by using Welsch-Kuh statistic and some properties of eigenvalue,and the effect of diagnostic statistic is  examined by means of a numerical example.
    CIM EMS Data Platform-Based Design and Realization
    CAO Yu-Lin
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  32-36. 
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    For better integration of  isomerism system and dispatching system and satisfaction of  data storage requirements,the technology of  object-oriented memory data base is studied.A CIM-based EMS data platform is realized.A CIM data storage scheme based on FastDB and RDF is put forward,which can avoid the mapping between models,reduce the complexity of the CIM model structure,and improve the maintainability and stability.
    Design and Implementation of Online Judge Kernel
    HE Ying-Sheng, LUO Qiang
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  37-39. 
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    According to the present Online Judge System based on B/S structure,the authors put forward a complete evaluation method to realize the judge core,interpret how the OJ system  handles user’s submitted code and obtain real-time results for user.
    Algorithms for XML Data Dynamic Indexing
    ZHUO Yue-Ming
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  40-42. 
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    Recently,the eXtensibleMark-up Language (XML) has become a popular medium for data exchange or storage.Therefore,keyword search on XML documents has become one of the important researches.To speed up query on large amount of data,one of the most efficient methods is to build a good index.Although the method  Labeling Scheme for Dynamic XML data (LSDX)  can dynamically add new labels without reconstructing the index structure or updating existing old labels,there are two defects in LSDX which affect the practicality of LSDX.Accordingly,this article proposes  two label coding rules to completely solve the two defects of LSDX.
    PPPOE Programme  to  Apply  RouterOS  in Multi-VLAN
    YANG Lin, XIAO Zhi-Xin
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  43-45. 
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    Based on the case study of the campus network in Jishou University,this essay proposes the PPPOE programme to apply RouterOS in multi-VLAN network structure and the solutions to the problems in its implementation.
    Web Socket Real-Time Communication Monitoring System
    LIANG Gao-Yong, YANG Zheng-Hua
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  46-48. 
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    The Web-based remote monitoring system solves heterogeneous characteristics of monitoring platform caused by the configuration software-based remote monitoring systems and improves real-time monitoring system which usesto the database server as the data source, and thus it achieves real-time information exchange between the control network and information network so that remote monitoring of industrial site becomes more reliable.
    Properties of Binary Relation Embryo and Embryo Decomposition of Binary Relation
    SHI Jun-Ping, LI Bi-Yun
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  49-52. 
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    Some the concepts  are introduced about the reflexive embryo,the irreflexive embryo,the symmetric embryo,the antisymmetric embryo,the equivalence embryo,the partial ordering embryo a binary relation.The properties of these  embryos are discussed.And three the embryo decompositions of binary relation are obtained.
    Network Learning Navigation Based on Concept Map
    CHEN You-Ming, WEN Yi-Sai
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  53-55. 
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    The massive  information and hypermedia structure of network learning will cause learners’ learning disorientation and cognitive overload.Accordingly,this paper discusses the concept and features of network learning navigation and concept map.It also studies several ways to apply concept map to network learning navigation.Furthermore,it explores  path  the algorithm to generate the best learning based on curricular knowledge concept map for different users,which  achieves personalized learning to some extent,so that the whole learning process has a certain  adaptability and intelligence.
    Physics and electronics
    Influence of Density on Bandgap of Phononic Crystal
    YAN Lin, WANG Xiao-Yun, QUAN Xiu-E
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  56-59. 
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    Starting from elastic wave equation,plane wave expansion method is used to calculate the band structure of two-dimensional(three-dimensional) phononic crystals.The dependence of the lowest bandgap on the density ratio of scatterer to host is discussed.The authors obtain the variation principle of the bandgap’s width and bandgap’s boundary with the variety of the density ratio.Numerical results show that the frequency of the bandgap’s lower boundary becomes small,while the upper boundary becomes big as the density ratio increases.So the width of the lowest bandgap increases,and energy level of the lowest bandgap is invariable.
    Stop-Wait Protocol of Data Link Layer  Based on Quantum Teleportation
    YANG Xiao-Lin, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, ZHAO Han, WANG Peng-Peng
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  60-63. 
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    The communication protocol of data link layer is studied based on quantum teleportation.When two sites communicate in data link layer,quantum frame is sent via quantum channel.When receiving quantum frame within the set time,the receiver returns to confirm frame via the quantum channel.According to the transient of quantum teleportation,the transmission delay of two sites communication is reduced;as a result,the minimum time span between two successfully delivered quantum frames can be reduced,the communication time is shortened and communication efficiency is improved.And since the sender on the transmission of quantum information is unknown,the confidentiality of information transmission is also increased.
    Single-Slit Diffraction Experiment of Neutron Based on Quantum Path Integral Theory
    HOU Xiu-Fang, LIU Xiao-Jing, WU Yi-Heng, WANG Qing-Cai, WANG Yan, LI Jia, CHEN Wan-Jin, GUO Yi-Qing
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  64-67. 
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    By schrodinger equation and Feyman path integral theory,the analytical expression of single-slit diffraction intensity of C60 is given.The expression is used to analyze the sigle-slit diffraction.The calculation result is in accordance with the experimental data.
    Design of Electrical Control System for Slab Caster Based on DCS
    ZHANG Li-Sheng
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  68-71. 
    Asbtract ( 2550 )   PDF ( 1647 )  
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    This paper introduces an overall structural design of electrical slab continuous casting machine control system,and forms the three-level Distributed Control System(DCS).Configuration on the PLC system is introduced.Designed control system has been successfully applied to the 3rd slab continuous casting machine works in  BaYi Iron and Steel Plant.The application results show that electrical control system is stable and reliable,production efficiency is greatly increased,and energy consumption is significantly reduced.
    Simulation Analysis of the SCR Triggering Device Based on AT89C52
    WANG Chuan, LI Yun-Hong, FENG Ai-Ling, QIU Chi, ZHANG Xiao-Xiao, ZHONG Ji-Lin
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  72-75. 
    Asbtract ( 2660 )   PDF ( 1790 )  
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    The paper makes an analysis of the simulation of the SCR trigger based on singlechip AT89C52.With the help of the simulation environment of Altium,an experiment under certain conditions is carried out,and the results confirm that this kind of triggering device can realise accurately the function of controlling the output current according to the α  entered on the keyboard.
    Information and Engineering
    Simulation Analysis of Demolition Blasting of Frame Structure Buliding
    LV Shi-Xian , ZHANG Cai-Xia
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  76-79. 
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    By using the finite element method and multi-rigid-body dynamics numerical simulation method,simulation analysis of demolition blasting of frame structure building is carried out.This technology can predict and reproduce the processes of destabilization,disintegration,and collapse and the problem of accumulation zone scope,which can improve the safety and reliability of the demolition blasting scheme.
    Biological resources
    Partial Sequence Variability of 16S rRNA in 9 Species of Acipenseriformes and Its Application in Phylogenetic Analysis
    WANG Di, LI Shao-Wu, QU Qiu-Zhi, SUN Da-Jiang, LU Tong-Yan
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  80-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2436 )   PDF ( 1745 )  
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    Partial nucleotide sequences of 16S rRNA were amplified using PCR techniques from three species (Acipenser sinensis,Acipenser gueldenstaedtii,Polyodon spathula) of Acipenseriformes.With sequences from other six species in NCBI database,the genetic variability and phylogenetic relationship were tested among 9 species from 2 families and 5 genera of Acipenseriformes.29 nucleotide variable positions including 16 parsimony infomative positions and 13 singleton positions were detected in analyzed 514 bp length sequence which were defined among the species.Taken Polypterus ornatipinnis as outgroup,similar phylogenetic trees were constructed by MP and NJ method among these 9 species of Acipenseriformes.The results showed that the differentiation of family,subfamily and genus was consistent with traditional morphological classification.Additionally,there was no significant difference between Huso huso and sturgeon.It is worth noting that 3 branches from 6 species in sturgeon subfamily belonged to 3 geographical regions.Among them,Huso huso,Acipenser stellatus and Acipenser gueldenstaedtii were mainly distributed in the Black sea and the Caspian sea basin,Acipenser sinensis and Acipenser dabryanus in the northwest Pacific,China yangtze river and Korea,while Acipenser transmontanus in the eastern Pacific.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Preparation and Characterization of LiVOPO4/C Composite Prepared by Solution Deposition-Pyrolysis Technique
    XIONG Li-Zhi, LIANG Kai, HOU Hui, HE Ze-Qiang
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  86-89. 
    Asbtract ( 2764 )   PDF ( 1589 )  
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    LiVOPO4/C  composite was prepared by solution deposition-pyrolysis method using LiVOPO4 and sucrose as raw materials.The microstructure,surface morphology and electrochemical properties were characterized by various electrochemical methods in combination with X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM).It is found that the porous carbon layer is coated on the surface of LiVOPO4 due to the pyrolysis of sucrose.The porous carbon can prevent the LiVOPO4 particles from aggregation,increase the conductive area of electrode,decrease the polarization of cell and improve the electrochemical properties of LiVOPO4 effectively.Compared with LiVOPO4,the LiVOPO4/C composite has increased reversible capacity,stabilized cycling performance.
    Laboratory Synthesis of 1-n-Butylcyclohexanol
    XIE Xiang-Lin, ZENG You-Lin, YIN Yi
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  90-92. 
    Asbtract ( 3361 )   PDF ( 1563 )  
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    Laboratory synthesis of 1-n-butylcyclohexanol was designed. The detail procedure was that Grignard reagent was prepared by 1-butane bromide reaction with Magnesium, and then 1-n-butyl-cyclohexanol was synthesized by the reaction of Grignard reagent prepared with cyclohexanone. The reaction conditions were investigated. The results show that the pretreatment of rod magnesium has little effect on the productivity, the optical reaction time of the Grignard reaction is 50 min with the corresponding yield being approximately 50.0 %,and this experiment can be done in 5 h.
    Library and Information
    Development and Construction of the Public Library Foundation in Western Region
    LU Yun
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  93-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2208 )   PDF ( 1645 )  
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    To establish the library foundation according to the local conditions,this paper discusses the construction,management,security system and other aspects of the western-style regional public library foundation based on the characteristics of the western region.
    Standardization and Drawing Skills of Function Graphs in Scientific and Technological Research Papers
    YI Bi-Wu
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  96-99. 
    Asbtract ( 2692 )   PDF ( 1888 )  
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    According to the editorial experience and practice,the author discusses the standardization of simple function graphs in scientific and technological research papers.It is pointed out that the simple function graphs can be drawn by fully using logarithmic coordinates,sellecting effective base point,and combining overlaying graphs of the common coordinate.This discussion provides reference for the illustration standardization of scientific and technological books and papers.
    Children of Peasant Workers Problem and Construction of Social Upport System
    LI Jian
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  100-101. 
    Asbtract ( 2634 )   PDF ( 1863 )  
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    The efficient operation of social support system for children remaining in rural areas lies in the public awareness of the essence of the problem.This paper tries to clarify internal relation and propose several supporting measures,so as to provide a theoretical reference for the solution of this problem.
    An Empirical Study of the Factors Which Influence the Liquidity of the Listed Company’s Stock
    LONG Jian-You, ZHENG Zhu-Qing
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  102-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2270 )   PDF ( 1615 )  
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    The factors which influence the stock liquidity can be roughly summarized in three categories,namely,the stock features,the market microstructure and the other factors.As for the same markets,the most influential factor is the stock characteristics.Stock price,the scale of a company,asset-liability ratio,ownership structure,institution stock holding rate,all these stock characteristics can well account for stock liquidity.Different empirical results will be obtained for different liquidity formulations.
    Strategies of Designing the Pricing Packages of Family-Use Broadband in the Telecom Market
    JIN Hong-Bo
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  107-109. 
    Asbtract ( 3518 )   PDF ( 2034 )  
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    In the accordance with the present situation of market competition of family-use broadband in the telecom industry,the analysis on the related factors of making the pricing packages,and the issues in the process of executing the pricing packages of family-use broadband of Hunan Tietong,this paper puts forward the strategies of designing the pricing packages of family-use broadband in the telecom market,which are the strategy of brands,the strategy of increasing the number of phone calls users,the strategy of full business operation and the strategy of providing the increment service.
    Education and teaching
    Innovation of Curriculum System for Full-Time Graduate Students of Engineering:One Principle,Two Combinations
    LIN Ji-Ming, ZHANG Wen-Hui
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  110-112. 
    Asbtract ( 2244 )   PDF ( 1806 )  
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    The current situation and developing trend of graduate education in China are analysed.In engineering colleges,the reform of graduate education is focused on the cultivation of full-time engineering master and the design of academic degree system for engineering graduate students.Accordingly,the mode and methods to construct engineering graduate curriculum system are proposed which stick to the principle of cultivating professional ability and combining engineering quality development with professional certification.
    Difference-Based Methods for Experiment Teaching of Network Security
    MA Chang-She, SONG De-Zhi
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  113-116. 
    Asbtract ( 2395 )   PDF ( 1771 )  
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    Network Security  is a course which connects theory and practice.Therewith,the experiment teaching influences the learning of the course of network security directly.This paper  first analyzes and suggests the experiment contents and environment construction.Then,it proposes the difference-based method for network security experiment teaching according to the differences of students’ ability and course contents.
    Research on the Construction of  Learning-type Classes In Universities
    WANG Yan-Yan, SHEN Wan-Bing, LIU Qun
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  117-119. 
    Asbtract ( 2442 )   PDF ( 1907 )  
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    The construction of learning-type classes is the need for the higher education as well as comprehensive development of students.The construction can by achieved by creating positive learning culture and atmosphere,establishing multi-dimensional learning system,building a people-oriented flexible management system and giving full play to the role of modern information technology.
    Self-Cognition of Students’ Entrepreneurial Ability in Local College
    SHAO Hua
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  120-122. 
    Asbtract ( 3024 )   PDF ( 1559 )  
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    Taking Hunan Agricultural University as an example,through self-designed questionnaire,a survey on the self-cognition of entrepreneurial consciousness and ability was conducted among 2 330 students of different grade and majors.Through statistic analysis,some conclusion were obtained which are a good reference for related theoretical and practical wtudy.
    Combination of Chinese National Traditional Games and Regional Tourism Culture
    ZHAO Zhi-Qiang
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  123-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2300 )   PDF ( 1600 )  
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    To inosculate systematically national traditional games with regional tourism culture and to establish highly efficient,ordered and win-win inosculation so as to achieve optimized tourism result,it is necessary to formulate regional developing strategy,to establish sports tour agency and to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with the knowledge of sports and tourism.Great attention must be paid to the interactive relation between sports and tourism.
    Development and Utilization of Competitive Sports Talents Resources in Hunan Province
    XIAO Hong-Qing, TANG Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(6):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2318 )   PDF ( 1529 )  
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    Starting from the current situation of the competitive sports development in Hunan province,the paper analyzes the factors which influence the development and utilization of competitive sports talents resources,and accordingly,puts forward some measures from the aspects of cultivation of reserve talents,overall arrangement of development projects,allocation of resources,and sportsman safety ensurance.
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