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Assessment of Poverty Alleviations in the Mountainous Area of Wuling

ZHANG Xiong, ZHANG Zifen   

  1. (1.South-Central University for Nationalities,Research Center for Population and Land Relations in Ethnic Minority Areas,Wuhan 430074,China;2.South-Central University for Nationalities,Research Center of Economic and Social Development in Hubei Minority Area,Wuhan 430074,China)
  • Online:2017-11-25 Published:2017-12-29


On account of the poverty features in the mountainous area of Wuling,this paper managed to set up a system of indicators for assessing the performance of poverty alleviations,involving such items as poverty status,health security,education service,basic living security,and the potentials of comprehensive poverty alleviation.Based on the socioeconomic statistics  of the 71 counties and cities within the mountainous area of Wuling from 2011 to 2015,we have analyzed the comprehensive performance of poverty alleviations in this very area in the last five years,which shows quite remarkable differences from one county to another.Viewed on provincial level,the counties that belong to Guizhou province within this area as a whole presented a relatively good performance in poverty alleviations,in contrast with those belonging to Hubei and Hunan provinces,which rendered only acceptable performances.For those counties that belong to Chongqing in this area,their performances are comparatively poor.

Key words: Wuling Mountain Area, poverty alleviation, performance evaluation

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