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    25 January 2015, Volume 36 Issue 1
    Revisiting the Graceful Labeling of the Unconnected Graph C4m-1G
    WU Yue-Sheng
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  1-4. 
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    The gracefulness of the unconnected graph C4m-1G is discussed.Two sufficient conditions are given for the gracefulness of unconnected graph C4m-1G
    Theories of Local Semi-Bases on Semi-Continuous dcpo
    GAO Li, ZHAO Xi-Yan
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  5-6. 
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    The relevant definitions and main properties are compared among the continuous lattice,semi continuous lattice and semi continuous dcpo,and thus their relations and differences are obtained.Some supplements are made and the concept of local semi-base about semi-continuous dcpo is introduced.Furthermore,some relevant properties and conclusions are obtained.
    Theories of Local Semi-Bases on Semi-Continuous dcpo
    ZHU Zhen-Zhen, LU Tao
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  7-10. 
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    The relevant definitions and main properties are compared among the continuous lattice,semi continuous lattice and semi continuous dcpo,and thus their relations and differences are obtained.Some supplements are made and the concept of local semi-base about semi-continuous dcpo is introduced.Furthermore,some relevant properties and conclusions are obtained.
    Relations Between Kinds of Generalized Inverse Matrices and the Application
    ZHOU Yu-Xing, TU Huo-Nian
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  11-13. 
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    Several matrix equations satisfying cancellation law are applied to study the relationship between the generalized inverse matrix (AA*)(1),(A*A)(1),A{1,2,3} and A{1,2,4}.Some new results are obtained.
    Application of Guldin Theorem to Definite Integral Calculation
    HUANG Yong
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  14-18. 
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    Using elementary geometry,physics of liquid pressure,and the relevant analyzing methods for definite integral calculation,the author studies systematically Guldin theorem.The calculation of definite integrals of five classes is thus simplified.
    Inexplicability of Structural Relative Number in Structure Analysis Application
    YOU Xin-Cai
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  19-20. 
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    Structural relative number is one of the most important indexes in the comprehensive indexes,and is widely used.The connotation of the theory and the algorithm seems to be perfect,but in the structural analysis,some puzzling situations often appear in operation,which suggests the presence of defects in the structural relative number.In this paper,through elaborating connotation,listing the typical examples,presenting the problems,and analysing the cause of the problem,it is pointed out that the general basic structure and derivative structure must be distinguished,further refinement must be made in the aspect of algorithm,exceptions must be provided for calculating the derived structure,so that the needs of various statistical analysis can be met.
    Physics and Computer
    Dynamical Dissipative Cooling of a Cavity Opto-Mechanical Oscillator
    MI Xian-Wu, LI Xiu-Hong
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  21-27. 
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    The dynamical cooling process of a cavity opto-mechanical system is investigated by a master equation.The mean phonon number is calculated using the covariance approach.Firstly,the effect of different cavity dissipation rate on the mean phonon number is discussed in the strong coupling system.Then the variation of mean phonon number changing with different parameters in the weak and strong coupling system is compared.For strong coupling regime,the mean phonon number oscillates periodically with the increase of coupling strength and it decreases fast as the cavity dissipation rate increases.Finally,it reaches a cooling limit.In the weak coupling regime,the mean phonon number increases fast as the cavity dissipation rate increases and it reaches equilibrium in the end.
    Algorithm for Detecting Feature Points of Circle Image
    LI Piao, YANG Tian-Long, LIAO Jian-Guo, ZHAO Qian-Cheng
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  28-34. 
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    In order to improve the accuracy and stability of circular image feature point detection,an algorithm is put forward based on the gray-scale symmetry of circular image center.Through this algorithm,the edge of circular image is firstly detected by Sobel operator;then gray-scale qualitative method is used to determine the center of the circular image;and finally gray-scale symmetry factor is introduced to obtain the sub-pixel coordinates of the feature points of circular image.Projection simulation experiment and measuring experiment are adopted to evaluate the precision of this algorithm,and the experiment results show that the precision of this method is around 0.2 pixels.
    Logistics Information Management System Based on Android Mobile Platform
    LI Ying-Jiu
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  35-39. 
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    Android mobile intelligent device platforms are applied to logistics procedure.A logistics routing planning algorithm based on mobile platforms is proposed.A corresponding logistics information management system is researched and implemented.The logistics information is collected,saved,transferred,identified,tracked and queried using wireless mobile access and electronic map provided by Android system.This method can control logistics procedure of vehicle and cargo,achieving efficiency and cost reduction.
    Multi-scale Retinex Algorithm for the Foggy Image Enhancement Based on Sub-band Decomposition
    SHU Ting, LIU Yao-Feng, DENG Bo, TAN Ya-Peng, CHEN Bing-Quan
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  40-45. 
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    A kind of Multi-Scale Retinex (MSR) algorithm based on sub-band decomposition for image enhancement was proposed.First,the improved MSR algorithm was used to deal with the foggy image.Then,the gain of the different foggy image was obtained by the sub-band decomposition method.After that,the clear and enhanced image was obtained by the image fusion technology.At the same time,the simulation results of the algorithm was analyzed by using the mean value,standard deviation,entropy and mean square error (MSE) and peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR).The simulation and evaluation results show that the contrast of image is increased,the useful information of the original image is retained,the degree of distortion is small,and the clarity of the image can be improved.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Interaction of Dibutyl Phosphate with Trypsin
    ZHANG Guo-Wen, WANG Ya-Ping
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  46-51. 
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    The effects of plasticizer dibutyl phosphate (DBP) on the spectral properties,structure and catalytic activity of trypsin were investigated using fluorescence,UV-vis absorption and circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy along with atomic force microscopy (AFM) and molecular simulation under simulative physiological conditions (pH 7.4).The result of fluorescence quenching indicated that a ground state complex was formed between DBP and trypsin through hydrogen bonds and Van Der Waals forces,resulting in the intrinsic fluorescence quenching of trypsin.There was a single class of binding sites on trypsin for DBP.Analysis of synchronous fluorescence,UV-vis absorption and CD spectra demonstrated that the addition of DBP led to the conformational alteration of trypsin,decreases in the α-helix,β-sheet and β-turn contents and an increase in the random coil content.The AFM topography image showed that the binding of DBP with trypsin caused the surface morphology change of trypsin and the protein aggregation.The molecular modeling results exhibited that the binding site of DBP on trypsin was adjacent to the S1 binding pocket,and three hydrogen bonds formed between the amino acid residues His 57,Ser 195 and Gly 193 of trypsin and the oxygen atom of DBP.The enzymatic activity assay indicated that the binding interaction led to the inhibition of the trypsin activity.
    Purification of Methyl Eleostearate by the AgNO3-Silca Gel Column Gradient Elution Method
    LIU Yun-Shuang, FU Wei-Chang
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  52-56. 
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    Fatty acid methyl esters of tung oil were synthesized by transesterification of tung oil and methanol with NaOH as catalyst.The AgNO3-silca gel column gradient elution method was used for the separation of reaction product to obtain methyl eleostearate.The methyl eleostearate was characterized by GC-MS,IR,UV and HPLC.The purity of the final methyl eleostearate was found to be 95%.For further study of biological activities of eleostearic acid and its glyceryl ester compound,the methyl eleostearate can be used to synthesize monoglyceride and diglyceride of eleostearic acid.
    Determination of Nickel(Ⅱ) in Isopropyl Alcohol-Ammonium Sulfate-PAN Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction System by Spectrophotometry
    ZHANG Shu-Gui, SUN Sai-Lan, DONG Hong-Min, WANG Peng-Peng, LI You-Ji, QIN Shi-Dong
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  57-60. 
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    The distribution behavior of the association complex formed by the chelating agent PAN(1-(2-pyridineazo)-2-naphthol) with Ni2+ and Tween 80 was studied in the aqueous two-phase system between isopropyl alcohol and (NH4)2SO4 solution.The results showed that the maximum absorption wavelength of associated complex was located at 562 nm which turned to the red shift of 97 nm compared with the mixture of PAN and alcohol solution.The linear range of the calibration curve was 0.10~0.60 mg/L,with the linear correlation coefficient being 0.999 2 and the apparent molar absorbance ε being 1.7×105 L·mol-1·cm-1.The interfering ions,such as lead(Ⅱ),zinc(Ⅱ),aluminum(Ⅲ),manganese(Ⅱ),molybdenum(Ⅵ),iron(Ⅲ),chromium (Ⅵ),and Ni(Ⅱ),were not extracted by the system,and the Ni(Ⅱ) was separated from the interfering ions mentioned above.
    Biological resources
    Temporal Scaling Characteristics of Correlation of O3 and NO2 for Urban Area of Chengdu  in  Basin Climate
    LI Si-Chuan, WU Sheng-Hu, HUANG Yi, SHI Kai
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  61-66. 
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    The correlations between ground-level NO2 and O3 concentration are analyzed by the method of detrended cross-correlation analysis,based on the observational data in the urban area of Chengdu (capital of Sichuan Provincial,China) from July 1 to August 31,2013 and from January 1 to February 28,2014.The results show that the correlation between NO2 and O3 concentration are characterized by long-term persistence.Furthermore,a comparative study of the correlation of NO2 and O3 in the summer and winter is made,and the reason for the differences are analyzed.It shows that there were significant differences in meteorological conditions on the different time scale of the interaction between NO2 and O3.It was found that the differences are due to solar radiation,sunshine hours and temperature.The results help to deepen the understanding the pollution characteristic of O3 in Chengdu.
    Abroad Research Review of Literatures About Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions of Different Building Structures
    WEN Ri-Kun, SHEN Jun-Jie, CHEN Ya-Kun, ZHANG Ya-Ting
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  67-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2217 )   PDF ( 2933 )  
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    Literatures abroad on energy consumption and carbon emissions of different building structures are reviewed,with focus on the research progress and research results about the energy consumption and carbon emissions of wooden structures,concrete structures and steel structures.The article draws the conclusion that the energy consumption and carbon emissions of wooden structures is lower than those of the concrete and steel ones;wooden structure has a carbon storage function and waste wood burning can substitute fossil fuels;at construction sites,concrete structures consume more energy than steel structures do;under the same boundary conditions,concrete structures have lower implied energy and implied carbon than steel structures;but if the steel recovery is considered,energy consumption and carbon emissions of both the structures are appropriate.This conclusion can provide reference for the domestic study on energy consumption and carbon emissions of different building structures in China.
    Diversity Investigation of Vascular Plant Species in Donghe National Wetland Park
    HU Wen-Yi, XU Liang, ZHANG Jie, YANG Zuo-Cheng, ZHANG Dai-Gui
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  75-79. 
    Asbtract ( 2058 )   PDF ( 1733 )  
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    The diversity of vascular plant species in Donghe National Wetland Park is described by field surveying.The results show that there are 1485 species of vascular plant in Donghe National Wetland Park,belonging to 766 genera and 179 families.Among them,there are 285 Wetland plants (including aquatic plants),belonging to 186 genera and 73 families,accounting for 40.78%、24.28% and 19.19% of the total amount of families,genera and species in Donghe National Wetland Park,respectively.The geographic distribution is complex for 11 types of family distribution and 15 types of genera distribution.The flora in genera displayed significant tropical feature,with 46.25% (including 327 genera) of tropical elements and 41.00% (including 288 genera) of temperate elements.The corresponding conservation strategies were proposed,aiming to provide reference for the biodiversity conservation of National Wetland Park.
    Economy and management
    Analysis on Consumption from the Perspective of Institutional Economics
    WANG Yue-Wu
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  80-83. 
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    Because of the natural attribute of consumption behaviors and the social attribute of the property right of consumption resource,consumption demonstrates varieties of externalities.Based on the nature and characteristics of property rights,there exists greater externality in the consumption at public expense than at the private one.Regulations from institutions and morality should be utilized properly to solve the problems of externality in consumption.
    Integration and Renovation Strategies of the Mining Industry in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture
    PENG Yan-Min, SU Hui
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  84-88. 
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    The mining industry has become an important pillar industry of national economy,but many years of excessive exploitation and extensive development have caused damage to the resources,the environment and seriously affected the sustainable development of mining industry itself.This paper,from the sustainable development perspective,and taking Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture as an example,based on the global governmental theory and complex adaptive system theory,discusses the integration and renovation strategies of the mining industry,which is conducive to the promotion of government management functions and also to the transformation and upgrading of the mining economy in national areas.
    Analysis on the Interest Preference of the Stakeholders in the Co-Governance of the Contaminated Mine Areas:A Case Study of “Manganese  Triangle Areas” in Southwest China
    CHEN You-Lian
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  89-92. 
    Asbtract ( 1671 )   PDF ( 1425 )  
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    Once the extremely contaminated environment in the"Manganese Triangle Areas" in Southwest China has been remarkably improved through the co-governance by the stakeholders,i.e.,government departments,manganese enterprises,and local residents.This paper attempts to analyze the stakeholders' interest preference and shows that they are all concerned with social,economic and environmental benefits.The paper recommends that it is necessary to establish a more effective co-governance mechanism to include the government departments,manganese enterprises,local residents and other stakeholders and to achieve great harmony in the social,economic and environmental development.
    Current Situation of Sports Art Curriculum in Colleges and Universitiesof Hunan Province,China
    WANG Jing-Qiong, LUO Jie
    journal6, 2015, 36(1):  93-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1899 )   PDF ( 1594 )  
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    Based on  literatures,interviews,questionnaire,and mathematical statistics,this paper investigated the  sports arts curriculum,curriculum implementation,teaching staff,and teaching facilities in colleges and universities of Hunan province.The findings indicate that the current curriculum of sports art is highly approved,and the teaching staff is qualified;however,the teaching materials are limited and the textbooks are outdated;furthermore,the facilities must be improved.
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