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    25 March 2011, Volume 32 Issue 2
    Law of Computing the Clear Number
    SU Fa-Hui
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  1-5. 
    Asbtract ( 1989 )   PDF ( 1821 )  
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    Based on clear number addition,this paper discusses the laws of clear number addition and subtraction and draws meaningful conclusions.〖
    New Extension of Hardy-Hilbert’s(Operator) Inequality
    NIE Cai-Yun
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  6-8. 
    Asbtract ( 2146 )   PDF ( 1565 )  
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    A bilinear operator inequality is improved by means of a sharpening of Hlder’s inequality.Some new inequalities are established.
    Halpern’s Algorithm  for Nonexpansive Mappings in CAT(κ)  Spaces
    WANG Xian-Yun, FANG Dong-Hui
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  9-12. 
    Asbtract ( 1979 )   PDF ( 1747 )  
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    It is proved that the  sequence defined by Halpern’s algorithm converges strongly  to a fixed point  in complete CAT(κ) spaces.
    Unique Continuation of Strong Solutions of Shallow Water Equations
    ZHU Nian-Hua
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  13-18. 
    Asbtract ( 2054 )   PDF ( 1692 )  
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    It is shown that strong solutions of shallow water equations,initially decaying exponentially together with its spacial derivative,must be identically equal to zero if it also decays exponentially at a later time.In particular,a strong solution of the Cauchy problem with compact initial profile can not be compactly supported at any later time unless it is the zero solution.
    Stability of a Class of SIR Epidemic Mathematical Model
    CAO Xiao-Jun
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  19-21. 
    Asbtract ( 2492 )   PDF ( 1941 )  
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    A class of SIR epidemic mathematical model is introduced,and the local and global stability of its equilibrium point are discussed.
    Extended Euclid Algorithm and Its Application in RSA
    ZHOU Jian-Qin, HU Jun, CUI Hong-Cheng
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  22-25. 
    Asbtract ( 3480 )   PDF ( 2312 )  
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    RSA,an encryption and decryption system based on the great difficulty of integer factorization,is the widely-used public-key cryptosystem.Euclid algorithm and extended Euclid algorithm are the best algorithms to solve the public key and private key in RSA.Extended Euclid algorithm in IEEE P1363 is improved by eliminating the negative integer operation,hence the computing resources occupied by RSA are reduced.
    Personnel Management System Design Method from UML Sequence Diagram
    XU Yu, HE Feng
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  26-31. 
    Asbtract ( 6017 )   PDF ( 3747 )  
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    The personnel management system design is taken,as an example.The UML sequence diagram is used to induced  other UML diagrams,and a complete description of using  UML diagram for a variety of software design and development is given.
    Design and Implementation of Office Automation Network——Laoning Institute of Technology and Business Network Platforms
    ZHAO Jun, PAN Qiao-Zhi, SUN Lu-Lu
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  32-35. 
    Asbtract ( 3195 )   PDF ( 2160 )  
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    The current status and study significance of office network platform are introduced,and the system design,implementation and application are discussed.The development platform adopts JSP technology with the help of Oracle database.This system can provide an efficient and modern management approach for university's management,research and teaching.
    Physics and electronics
    Matrix Representation of Graph Theory on Hypercycle and Its Development and Application
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  36-41. 
    Asbtract ( 2794 )   PDF ( 2275 )  
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    First,the origin,basis,mathematics and structure of hypercycle theory are introduced.Next,the graph theory of hypercycle theory and their matrix representations are proposed.Hypercycle can be defined by a degree of connectivity.Here some of the representations relate to the extension of graph theory.Finally,applications of hypercycle theory and its relations with the Five-Elements and the east(oriental) economics are discussed.
    Imaging of Plane Phononic Crystal Lens with Antireflection Coating Structures
    LI Jin-Feng, DENG Ke, ZHAO He-Ping
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  42-44. 
    Asbtract ( 2781 )   PDF ( 1997 )  
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    The effect of the antireflection coating (ARC) structures on the intensity distribution of transmission pressure field and imaging of the plane phononic crystal lens have been studied by numerical simulations in this paper.The simulated results show that the performance of the device can be significantly improved by the ARC structure.This work affords benefits for practical application of acoustic devices.
    Dynamic Instability of Confined Thin Polymer Films in Spinodal Dewetting
    TANG Yan-Fang, WANG Xiao-Yun
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  45-48. 
    Asbtract ( 2191 )   PDF ( 1752 )  
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    The thin polymer film instability in a general criterion is discussed.When the film is dewetted from the substrate in the spinodal,the instability is dominated by the dispersion force and the local thermal stress.It turns out that the thermal stress plays an important role when there is special interaction between the film and the substrate.The results show that the mode wavelength will grow as the film thickens in weak and strong slip.
    Refractive Index Measurement of Maotai Spirit Based on Symmetrical Metal-Cladding Optical Waveguide with Sub-Millimeter Scale
    RAN Mao-Wu
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  49-51. 
    Asbtract ( 2645 )   PDF ( 1731 )  
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    The author measured the refractive index of Maotai spirit by symmetrical metal-cladding optical waveguide with sub-millimeter scale.There is no limit of refractive index if the sample is transparent to laser.This simple efficient method,with refractive index precision of 1.0 ×10-4,can identify the authenticity of Maotai spirit.
    Design of Current-Mode Nth-Order Filter Based on Current Conveyor
    WU Xian-Ming, WU Xian-Fu
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  52-55. 
    Asbtract ( 2292 )   PDF ( 1633 )  
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    A circuit for current-mode nth-order filter based on CCII+ is presented.Its circuit consists of n current conveyors (CCII+) and 3n passive components,which can realize nth-order high-pass,low-pass and band-pass filter.Passive and active sensitivities of second order filter are analyzed,and both of them are very low.Its circuit is simulated with Pspice,and simulation result shows the design circuit is correct.
    Design of UPS Battery Temperature Monitoring System Based on Singlechip
    LUO Ji-Hong
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  56-59. 
    Asbtract ( 2891 )   PDF ( 1849 )  
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    At present,power of communication system is mostly supplied by uninterrupted battery,but the resulting high temperature will affect battery working efficiency and life.This paper,taking microcontroller C8051F04 as control core,through modular design and by mounting control panel in STD standard case,achieves reliable performance and convenient maintenance.The on-line monitoring of the UPS battery marking temperature and environmental temperature is realized.As a result,valve-control sealed lead-acid battery temperature detection circuit is fulfilled.Through analyzing the temperature testing data,the repair and process of the fault battery are realized.
    Design of Control System for Deslagging from the Recovery Plasm Based on Logic Control Module
    LIU Yuan-Jun
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  60-64. 
    Asbtract ( 2438 )   PDF ( 1824 )  
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    A recovery plasm deslagging control system is designed by utilizing modern digital control technology and the logic control module and its extending module of the software LOGO!.The hardware and software are designed in detail.Man-machine interface control board is also designed.And the software is simulated online in detail.The correctness,integrality and feasibility are indicated by the simulation result.
    Information and Engineering
    Combustion   Captibility  Comparison  of  Single Annular Combustor  and  Dual  Annular Combustor
    LI Feng, CHENG Ming, LI Long-Xian, PENG Lang-Qing, SHANG Shou-Tang
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  65-70. 
    Asbtract ( 4952 )   PDF ( 4601 )  
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    In order to change a Single Annular Combustor(SAC) into a Dual Annular Combustor(DAC),the authors kept the diffuser,outer case and atomize of the SAC unchanged,redesigned the combustor from a single annular structure into a dual annular structure,and designed six different structure DAC.Taking the same physical models(including the turbulence,radiation,spray and emission models),simulations of three dimensional two-phase reacting turbulent flow in both the SAC and DAC were developed in the Fluent Code.The  total-pressure recovery coefficient,temperature distribution and exhaust emission levels were given.Finally,by comparing the simulation results,the feasibility of displacing the SAC into DAC structure  was certified.
    Analysis and Application of Building Settlement Based on Settlement Observation Method
    ZHOU Pin-Zhi
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  71-73. 
    Asbtract ( 2463 )   PDF ( 2161 )  
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    Taking the settlement observation of hunan rural credit cooperatives union hengyang office building for example, analysis and research given to different points such as:settlement observation point location, practice of settlement observation, methods and cycle arrangement for settlement observation etc.Also supply solutions and constructive comments.
    Biological resources
    Genetic Studies on Tongue Movement Types of Miao Nationality in Western Hunan
    LIU Jian-Guo, DENG Jin-Mei
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2011, 32(2):  74-77. 
    Asbtract ( 2619 )   PDF ( 1973 )  
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    The tongue movement types including rolling,folding,twisting,pointed and clover-leaf tongues of 555middle school students(254 males,301females)of Miao nationality in western Hunan were investigated.The results showed that 1) the frequencies of rolling,folding,twisting,pointed and clover-leaf tongues were 69.01%,17.30%,19.64%,36.40%,40.36%,respectively;2) no significant sexual difference was found in the frequencies of five tongue moving types(P>0.05);3) there were little correlations among ten combination traits,with only two pairs being related;4) some interactions occurred between twisting tongue gene and folding,pointed tongue gene respectively.

    New Recorded Plants from Wuling Mt. in Hunan Province (Ⅲ)
    ZHANG Dai-Gui, XU Liang, KANG Zu-Jie, CHEN Gong-Xi
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  78-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2602 )   PDF ( 1768 )  
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    Some new recorded plants of Wuling Mt. in Hunan are reported,including 1genera,Symphoricarpos Duham.;11species,3 varieties,2subspecies of 14 genera in 11families are reported.New recorded species are Rhamnus rosthornii Pritz.,Cayratia oligocarpa (Lévl. et Vant.) Gagnep.,Acer tsinglingense W.P. Fang & C.F. Hsieh,A. sutchuenense Franch.,Swida parviflora (S.S. Chien) Holub,Rapanea affinis (A. DC.) Mez,Jasminum mesnyi Hance,Ligustrum compactum (Wall. ex G. Don) Hook. f. et Thoms. ex Brandis,Cynanchum giraldii Schltr.,Viburnum lutescens Bl.,Symphoricarpos sinensis Rehd.);3 varieties are Heracleum moellendorffii Hance var. subbipinnatum (Franch.) Kitagawa.,A. tenellum Pax var. septemlobum (Fang et Soong) Fang et Soong,Rhododendron chrysocalyx var. xiushanense;and 2subspecies are Sabia schumanniana Diels subsp. pluriflora (Rehd. et Wils.) Y. F. Wu,Lonicera ligustrina Wall. subsp. yunnanensis (Franch.) Hsu et H. J. Wang.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Potential Toxicity of the Residues from Indigenous Microorganisms Leaching of Heavy Metal Sediment
    XU You-Ze, CHENG Ying-Xiang, XIANG Ren-Jun, WANG Qiang-Qiang, LI Xiao-Jiao
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2011, 32(2):  83-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2255 )   PDF ( 1861 )  
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    Shaking flask experiments were used to study the indigenous microorganisms leaching of heavy metals from sediment in the optimum conditions,which were determined to be pH =3.0,65℃ and 7% pulp density.Residues from the bioleaching were analyzed through XRD and three-stage BCR sequential extraction procedure.Results show that heavy metal(Cd,Mn,Cu,Pb,Zn) contents sharply decrease over 7 days leaching,from 4 530 mg/kg,7 650 mg/kg,830 mg/kg,29 530 mg/kg,62350 mg/kg to 730 mg/kg,1280 mg/kg,390 mg/kg,13 810 mg/kg,15650 mg/kg respectively.Acid extractable percent content decreases remarkably during the bioleaching process;meanwhile,residual form percent content rises obviously.The environmental availability and potential risk of heavy metals are less than the standards listed in Hazardous Waste Distinguishable Standard (GB 5085.3-2007).Indigenous microorganisms can efficiently implement the resources and harmlessness of heavy metals in sediment.

    Determination of Trace Selenium by Spectrophotometry Based on Se-Sb-Mo Rhodamine B System
    HUANG Cheng, YIN Hong
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2554 )   PDF ( 1716 )  
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    Color reaction of Se-Sb-Mo heteropoly acid with butyl rhodamine B was investigated.Heteropoly blue was produced by treatment of Se-Sb-Mo heteropoly acid with ascorbic acid,which was precipitated after addition of butylrhodamine B.The resulting precipitation was isolated into toluene by suspension and was measured by spectrophotometry after dissolved in ethanol.The results indicate that,at the maximum absorption wavelength 556 n m,the molar absorptivity is 1.341×105 L·mol-1·cm-1 and obeys Lamber-Beer Law at the selenium concentration 0~0.8  μg/mL.This method is suitable for determination of trace selenium in vegetables and fruits.
    Market Structure and Ownership Structure Reform Mode ofChina’s Commercial Banking
    LI Jing
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  92-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2442 )   PDF ( 1860 )  
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    Based on the characteristics of banking industry in the transformation period in China,the author analyzes how the factors influence the performance of banking industry.Generally,the study  in this paper is based on the review of vested reform path,combining with the facts and drawing the conclusion by deduction.As far as the stabilization and performance of the financial system were concerned,the optimum market structure is oligarch competitive market.That the property right was monopolized by the government is the root of our banking industry’s inefficiency and the motivation of property right reform.To improve the banking industry’s performance,the government should spare no effort to construct an honesty oriented society.
    Theoretical Analysis on Information Entropy of Energy Transportation Channels in China
    JIANG Guang-Jun, LIU Hai-Bin
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  96-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2654 )   PDF ( 1627 )  
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    By calculating the information entropy for the scale of construction of energy transportation corridor with the data of annual investment in the fixed assets from 1986 to 2008,the authors analyzed the relation between transportation channel and the information entropy combined with the maximum entropy methods.Empirical results show that the rail transportation investment should remain the current growth,while the road investment should be reduced,and the waterway and pipeline transportation should be constructed.The quantitative evaluation of the construction scale of energy transportation channels is an important supplement to the traditional research and provides evidence for further development.
    Exploring the Relationship Between Tourism and Economic Growth in Zhangjiajie
    LEI Yi-Hui, LENG Zhi-Ming
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  101-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2280 )   PDF ( 1806 )  
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    The influence of tourism industry in Zhangjiajie on the local economic growth is analyzed by using Johansen co-integration test and Granger causality test.The results show that there is a balanced relationship between tourism industry and economic growth in Zhangjiajie and that tourism is the Granger cause of formation for the economy in Zhangjiajie.
    Correspondence Analysis on Travel Motives of Inbound
    XU Cong-Cong, LIU Xin-Ping
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  104-107. 
    Asbtract ( 2595 )   PDF ( 1813 )  
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    Based on the sampling data of main tourist cities,correspondence analysis and SPSS statistical software are used to quantitative analysis for inbound tourists’ travel motives.The results showed that there are certain tendency and regularity in the tourist motives,most of which are tour and leisure.But due to the difference in regional culture and economic conditions,there is difference in  the motives which presents  diversification.
    Medical Science
    Protective Effect of Hydrogen Sulfide on the Injury of Endothelial Cell Induced by Oxidized HDL
    PENG Xiang-Ping, PENG Zhen-Yu
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  108-110. 
    Asbtract ( 2312 )   PDF ( 1798 )  
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    Objective To investigate the protective effect of hydrogen sulfide on the injury of endothelial cell induced by ox-HDL.Methods HUVECs were incubated in vitro.The cells viability is measured by morphological observation and the MTT assay.The levels of LDH and MDA activity in culture medium were measured with corresponding kit.Results HUVECs were damaged obviously in ox-HDL group,hydrogen sulfide improved the condition of HUVEC significantly,increased the cell survival rate,decreased the level of LDH and MDA(P<0.05).Conclusion These results demonstrate that hydrogen sulfide can protect HUVECs from damage by ox-HDL,and it may be through decreasing oxygen free radical production and antioxidation.
    Clinical Analysis of 3M Vitremer TM in Treating Wedge-Shaped Defect
    KANG Zu-Ming, SHA Yong-Hong, LIU Xi-Han
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  111-112. 
    Asbtract ( 3047 )   PDF ( 1844 )  
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    Objective To observe the clinical effect of 3M vitremer TM in treating wedge-shaped defect.Method 300 teeth from the 128 patients with wedge-shaped defect were divided randomly into two groups:3M vitremer TM group and light-cured composite resin.Then 150 teeth were treated with 3M vitremer TM and the other 150 teeth were treated with light-cured composite resin.Follow-up examinations were conducted after one year.Result  There were significant  difference between the two groups(P<0.05).Conclusion 3M glass vitremer restorative has better effect in treating wedge-shaped defect.
    Principles and Methods of Protecting the Traditional Sport of Minorities
    LI Yu-Wen
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  113-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2691 )   PDF ( 1763 )  
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    According to the state regulations and rules of protecting the cultural heritage,this paper puts forward the principles and methods of protecting the traditional sport of minorities in China,which provides a reference for exploring,summing up,inheriting,and developing the traditional sport of minorities.
    Popularization Strategy of Chinese Wushu Dan System in Schools
    HU Jian-Wen, WEN Ming-Hua
    journal6, 2011, 32(2):  115-117. 
    Asbtract ( 3443 )   PDF ( 2018 )  
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    To popularize Chinese wushu dan system in schools,some strategies are put forward:perfecting the course offered,implementing the dan system administration scheme in schools,faculty training,establishing evaluation organization in schools,and constructing the related website.
    Education and scientific research management
    Innovation and Evaluation of Achievements in the Basic Theories of Social Science
    YUE Zhile
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2011, 32(2):  120-123. 
    Asbtract ( 2415 )   PDF ( 1726 )  
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    On the evaluation of achievements in the basic theories of social science,this paper first analyzes the current misunderstanding,then discusses the basic practice,and last indicates that innovation is the most important criterion of evaluation.Innovation mainly focuses on the following five aspects:perspectives,areas,data,approaches,and results.

    Free Access to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Information  Resources on the Internet
    ZHU Chang-Ju, YI Bi-Wu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2011, 32(2):  124-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2426 )   PDF ( 1995 )  
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    There are large numbers of chemistry and chemical engineering information resources on the Internet;therefore grasping the methods and approaches of the access to the related resources is the basis to make full use of those information resources.This article describes some of the free information resources and their characteristics.Some useful websites are also provided,which supply some reference for the chemistry and chemical engineering researchers.

    Analyses Our system of Housing Accumulation Fund Management Issues
    XIAO Min
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2011, 32(2):  118-119. 
    Asbtract ( 1408 )   PDF ( 621 )  
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    Housing accumulation fund as our basic housing safeguard system,with coverage continues texpand,the service efficiency of ounds is low,management confusion phenomenon also exposed.By analysisting problems in standardization management strategy.

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