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Mechanism of Community Residents Participation in Pro-Poor Tourism Based on MOA Model

WANG Zhaofeng,XIANG Qiushuang   

  1. (College of Tourism,Hunan Normal University,Changsha 410081,China)
  • Online:2019-05-25 Published:2019-06-04


Based on the survey of community residents in Xuefeng Mountain Area,and according to the MOA (Motivation-Opportunity-Ability) model,this paper constructed a model of community participation in pro-poor tourism and analyzed the influences and mechanism construction of community residents' participation in pro-poor tourism through multiple linear regression and structural equation analysis.Results show that participation opportunity has significant positive influence on participation ability,participation opportunity and participation ability promote the formation of participation motivation and indirectly promote community participation.The participation motivation,participation opportunity and participation ability are actively and remarkably involved in the community participation.Among them,participation ability has the most significant impact on community participation in pro-poor tourism.Among the three different levels of community participation,the community residents in Xuefeng Mountain Area are in the second level,which is the positive participation.Therefore,in order to strengthen participation motivation of community residents,guarantee the participation opportunity,enhance the participation ability,promote the self-development and broaden the scope of community participation,this paper suggests that we should integrate the various elements of community participation in pro-poor tourism and construct a community participation mechanism that includes motivation mechanism,safeguard mechanism,identification mechanism and self-development mechanism.

Key words: community participation, pro-poor tourism, influencing factors, mechanism, MOA model

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