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Mirror Extreme Learning Machine Based on Denoising Autoencoder

LONG Qiuqing, LIAO Bolin, YIN Yumin   

  1. (College of Information Science and Engineering, Jishou University, Jishou 416000, Hunan China)
  • Online:2020-09-25 Published:2021-02-04

Abstract: A mirror extreme learning machine (MELM) is designed aiming at the problem that a large number of hidden layer nodes are needed to guarantee the classification performance of the extreme learning machine(ELM) in the high-dimensional and noisy data set. The MELM uses the pseudo-inverse method to determine the input weights, and randomly generates output weights and biases. When classifying data, it requires only a few hidden layer nodes. In order to improve the classification performance and noise immunity of the MELM, it is combined with a denoising autoencoder (DAE). The DAE is used to extract features from the input data, and the extracted features are used as the input data of the MELM, and finally the  network training is triained. In the noiseless and noisy MNIST, Fashion MNIST, Rectangles and Convex data sets, the MELM based on the DAE is  compared  with the algorithms ELM, PCA-ELM, SAA-2 and DAE-ELM. The experimental results show the superiority of the algorithm: the MELM based on the DAE uses the least number of hidden nodes in the network for classification, and the overall performance is the best.

Key words: mirror, extreme learning machine, deep leaning, denoising autoencoder, feature extraction

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