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Ponkan Grading Algorithm Based on Color and Defect Detection

ZENG Lei,ZENG Fangyan,FENG Wuyang,ZHANG Shuzhen,SONG Hailongege   

  1. (Collof Information Science and Enginnering,Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2018-11-25 Published:2018-12-21


Taking Ponkan in Xiangxi as the research object,aponkan an grading algorithm based on color and defect detection is proposed.First,threshold segmentation and hole filling are used on the Ponkan gray image to obtain the corresponding binary image.Then,the AND operation is respectively performed between the binary image and the R,G,and B components of the Ponkan color image.After the AND operation,three monochrome images are obtained,which are combined to obtain the target area of the Ponkan color image.For the target area,the proportion of yellow pixels and the defect size are respectively extracted as the color feature parameter and defect feature parameter.Finally,decision tree model is adopted to fuse the feature parameters for grading the Ponkan.The experimental results show that,compared with grading algorithm based on a single feature,the proposed algorithm based on multiple features complementany can achieve higher  accuracy.

Key words: histogram, morphological processing, feature extraction, decision tree

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