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Token-Ring Network Fidelity of Teleportation by Three-Particles Entangled GHZ State


  1.  (College of Physics Science and Information Engineering,Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2010-07-25 Published:2012-04-16

Abstract: Through analyzing quantum communication in the token-ring network of three-particles entangled GHZ state,two articulation points are found and the fidelity is calculated.The calculation results show that the maximum fidelity is 1 for |a|=0,|b|=1 or |a|=1,|b|=0.For |a|=|b|=2/2,the fidelity is 0.5.The average  fidelity is 0.67 at Bell-state measurement.With Von Neuman measurement,the fidelity relates to analyzer angle θ.If θ=π/4±kπ (k=0,1,2,…),the maximum  fidelity is 1;if θ=π/4±kπ/2/(k=0,1,3,5…),the minmum of the fidelity is zero.The average  fidelity is 0.5 .

Key words: quantum communication, teleportation, GHZ state, fidelity

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