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The Variation of Seed Vigor Among Different Mating Combinations of Tulip


  1. (Nanjing Forestry University,Nanjing 210037,China)
  • Online:2005-10-15 Published:2012-09-17

Abstract: A mating design,including full-sib and half-sib from Liriodendron chinense,L.tulipifera and their hybrid,was conducted.The seed plumpness,seed viability and germination ability of 27 mating combinations were studied.The results showed that the seed plumpness of L.chinense,L.tulipifera and their hybrid were 9.00%,17.57% and 29.44% respectively.The average seed viability of L.chinense,L.tulipifera and hybrid were 5.11%,10.76% and 16.95% respectively.L.chinense and hybrid had almost the same germination ratio and germination energy (0.17%),while L.tulipifera was a little better with 1.29% germination ratio and 1.02% germination energy.Combing all the three seed vigor traits,it can be concluded that hybrid was the best,L.chinense was the worst.Meanwhile,a visible variation was found among individuals within provenance for those seed vigor traits studied.A clear rule was found that the seed vigor of combinations derived from control-pollination was better than that from open-pollination.

Key words: tulip, mating combinations, seed plumpness, seed viability, germination ratio

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