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The Two New Species of Sinocyclocheilus From Yunnan,China


  1. (1.Heitongtan Reservoir of Shilin,Shilin 652200,Yunnan China;2.Fishery Adminstration of Qujing,Qujing 652200,Yunnan China;3.Fishery Adminstration of Zhanyi,Zhanyi 652200,Yunnan China)
  • Online:2003-06-15 Published:2012-11-07

Abstract: Sinocyclocheilus wumengshanensis Li Mao et Lu.sp.nov(fig.1),holotype No.9108302,standard body length 128 mm,collected from Sanqisanluo longtan (25°30′N,103°40′E)  Xundian County Yunnan on Aug.30 1991.Paratype 20 specimens No.91083030~31,91083033~34,92074014,980711001~015,collected from sanqisanluo Xundian,Deze Zhanyi and Xize Xuanwei Yunnan.D.ⅲ,7;A.ⅱ,5;P.ⅰ,16;V.ⅰ,8;C,16,Gill-rakers 5~6;L·S.67(38~42)/(22~24-v)76;pharyngeal teeth 3 row 2,3,4/4,3,2.Body depth in standard length 3.20~3.5 d 3.40,head length 3.40~4.00(3.80),length caudal peduncle 4.50~4.90(4.70),depth caudal peduncle 8.40~9.40(9.00).Snout in head 2.50~3.00(2.80) eye 3.8~7.2(5.0),interorbital 2.50~3.00(2.80).Depth of caudal peduncle 1.90~2.00(1.90) in its length.The new species is similar to S.multipunctatul (pellegrin)(1931),but differs from the latter in:(1)Barbels much longth extending from the corner of the munth to end gill opening.(2)Subunder of mouth.(3)Strong and hard last unbrached dorsal ray.(4)Distance heredity of molecule 12.6%~13.4%.Sinocyclocheilus guishanensis Li Sp.nov (fig.2),holotype No.20000929001,standard body length 106 mm,collected from Fenglongtan Guishan (24°40′N,105°45′E) Shilin County Yunnan,Spet. 29,2000.Paratype 5 specimens No.980514005~09,standard body length 68~102 mm,collected from the same locality as the holotype.D,ⅲ,7;A,ⅱ,5;P,ⅰ,13~16;V,ⅰ,8;C,ⅰ-15~16-ⅰ.Gill-rakers 5~6,lateral lin scales 73~80.Pharyngeal teeth 3 rows 2.3.4/4.3.3.Body depth in standard length 3.71~4.31(3.99),head length 3.71~4.05(3.90),length of caudal peduncle 4.25~5.43(4.66).Depth of caudal peduncle 7.80~9.64(8.56).Snout in head 2.71~3.11(2.94),eye 4.25~5.60(4.81),interorbital 3.00~3.60(3.38).Depth of caudal Peduncle 1.56~2.00(1.83).The new species distinguished from S.angustiporus Zheng et Xie(1985) by the followings given:(1)Regular of body scales.(2)Barbels much longer.(3)Distance heredity of molecule 4.4%.The type specimens are kept in Reservoir Heilongtan Shilin and Qujing Fishery Administration,Yunnan.

Key words: New species, Sinocyclocheilus, Yunnan

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