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A New Species of Cyprinus from Yunnan,China:Cyprinus (Cyprinus) Bajiangensis

LI Weixian   

  1. (Heilongtan Reservoir Administration of Shilin County,Shilin 652200,Yunnan China)
  • Online:2019-03-25 Published:2019-04-30


This paper describes a new species of the genus Cyprinus,Cyprinus (cyprinus) bajiangensis Li sp.nov.,which was collected from the Bajiang in Lunan County (now Shilin County) of Yunnan,China in October,1965.This new species was once mistaken for cyprinus(cyprinus) yunnanensis Tchang,1993.
The new species is similar to C. yunnanensis in the pair of maxillary barbels but differs in the following features:①normal head (vs. pointed and long head);② U-shaped mouth in end position (vs. oblique-fissure mouth in sub-up position);③P.i-19~20(vs. i-16);④head length in interorbital width 2.50~2.63 (vs. 3.4~4.2);⑤scales row above lateral line 5 (vs. 6~7),scales row below lateral line 4 (vs. 5~6);⑥body depth in standard length 3.00~3.04 (vs.3.5~4.0).

Key words: new species, Cyprinus, China, Yunnan

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