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Synthesis,Structure and Fluorescence Property of a Zinc Coordination Complex Based on a Flexible Ligand 1,5-Bis (2-Ethylbenzimidazole) Pentane

ZHANG Shuaichao,ZHANG Zhengrui,YU Shuqi,ZHANG Yishu,HAN Chao,WEN Yuanyuan,LI Chen,MENG Wei

  1. (School of Chemical Engineering,North China University of Science and Technology,Tangshan 063210,Hebei China)
  • Online:2018-03-25 Published:2018-04-28


A zinc coordination complex {[Zn2(bep)(ada)2] 2H2O}n has been synthesized based on a flexible ligand 1,5-bis(2-ethylbenzimidazole) pentane (bep) and 1,3-adamantanediacetic acid (H2 ada).Single-crystal x-ray diffraction showed that the complex was a two-dimensional layered structure.Ada2- taked the monodentated and chelating coordination modes,linking Zn1 and Zn2 to form a one-dimensional double chain.Then the chains were further linked by the bep ligand to form the two-dimensional layered structure.In addition,the thermal stability and fluorescence property of the complex were also investigated.

Key words: coordination complex, self-assembly, thermal stability, fluorescence property

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