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Pilot Study on Lightning and Meteorological Disaster Protection in Huaihua High-Speed Service Area

XUE Defeng,XUE Ming,PAN Yuting,ZHANG Dongsheng,HU Bin   

  1. (1.Huaihua Meteorological Bureau,Huaihua 418000,Hunan China;2.Jingzhou County Meteorological Bureau,Jingzhou 418400,Hunan China)
  • Online:2017-11-25 Published:2017-12-29


In order to reduce the risk of lightning disaster in mountainous areas,the Hongjiang expressway service area in Huaihua was selected as the pilot and the center of the square.By selecting the 60 km square range of lightning data from 2007 to 2016,combined with the surrounding environment and weather system,using mathematical statistics to analysis the lightning characteristics of the service area,lightning risk level and so on.Hongjiang expressway service area is lightning prone area or strong area,lightning risk increased year by year,the density of east lightning was much more than the west,the intensity of west was stronger than east,especially the east and northeast of about 200 m (service area near the gas station) away is a large area of lightning high risk area.Westerlies and easterly wave system have different effects on the lightning of service area.It is recommended to consider the service area environment and lightning risk level,check and rectify the lightning protection facilities according to standard,strengthen the construction of lightning protection facilities in the east and northeast of the country,and carry out lightning protection and publicity to reduce the occurrence of lightning disaster.

Key words: expressway service area, lightning characteristics, lightning risk level, disaster prevention

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