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Optical Fiber Vibration Recognition Based on Wavelet Reconstruction and Time-Space Features

QU Hongquan,WANG Xiaoxiao,BI Fukun,ZHENG Tong   

  1. (College of Electronic Information Engineering,North China University of Technology,Beijing 100144,China)
  • Online:2017-03-25 Published:2017-04-26


The identification algorithm of intrusion signal source occupies a very important position in the optical fiber pre-warning system (OFPS).Identification of intrusion types is necessary for harmful intrusion recognition and precautionary measures.In this paper,a recognition algorithm for OFPS based on de-noising and reconstruction of wavelet analysis and feature analysis in time-space dimension is provided.Firstly,according to the feature analysis of the fiber vibration signal,the feature extraction based on wavelet de-noising and reconstruction is developed.Secondly,the gray image is disposed in time-space dimension.Finally,dilation and erosion method are employed to analyze this feature.The intrusion classification can be realized by this method.

Key words: optical fiber pre-warning system, wavelet reconstruction;grayscale corrosion, target recognition

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