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Early Catch-up Growth of Preterm Infants with High Nutritional Risk in Xiangxi

HUANG Jun,SHI Lei,LIU Lintao,WU Hongyan,TIAN Yan,TIAN Hongyan   

  1. (Department of Child Health and Rehabilitation,Xiangxi Autonmous Prefecture People's Hospital,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2024-03-25 Published:2024-04-16

Abstract: To investigate the early catch-up growth of preterm infants with high nutritional risk in Xiangxi.A total of 23 preterm infants with high nutritional risk born from June 2021 to April 2022  in the Children's Health and Rehabilitation Department of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture People's Hospital were recruited,and all of them accepted individualized nutrition guidance program.The Z-score method was used to evaluate  weight,height  and head circumference.The results show that the Z-scores of weight-for-age (WAZ),height-for-age (HAZ) and head circumference-for-age (HCZ) at birth of the 23 preterm infants were significantly less than -2,which were -4.34±0.99,-5.12±1.61 and -4.60±1.62 respectively.The weight,height and head circumference,WAZ,HAZ and HCZ at 3 months and 6 months were significantly higher than those at birth (P<0.001).At 6 months of age,the proportions of WAZ,HAZ and HCZ greater than or equal to -2 were 78.26%,52.17% and 73.91% respectively.This suggests that through the early scientific nutrition guidance,the preterm infants with high nutritional risk will have a rapid physical growth within 6 months after birth.Most preterm infants catch up in weight,head circumference firstly,and then height.

Key words: preterm infants, high risk, nutrition, catch-up growth, Z score

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