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Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction of Protein from Trichosanthes Kirilowii Maxim

LIU Ailiang,DUAN Shaoxiong,XIONG Li'zhi   

  1. (1.Yiyang No. 16 Middle School,Yiyang 413000,Hunan China;2.Yiyang No. 1 Middle School,Yiyang 413000,Hunan China;3.College of Biological Resources and Environmental Sciences,Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2018-11-25 Published:2018-12-21


Protein was extracted from leaves of  trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim by alkali extraction method.Ultrasonic was used to increase the protein extraction rate and decrease the extraction time.Through single-factor tests and orthogonal experimental method,the optimal conditions for ultrasonic-assisted alkali extraction were determined as follows:temperature 55℃,pH10,ultrasonic time 40 min,the ultrasonic power 150W,the ratio of material to liquid l:25 (g/mL) and the concentration of NaCl 0.5 mol/L.With these technical conditions,protein yield was about 23.26%.

Key words: Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim, leaves protein, ultrasonic-assisted alkali extraction

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