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Upper Bounds of Signless Laplacian Energy for Circulant Graphs

XU Youzhuan   

  1. (Shaoyang Radio & TV University,Shaoyang 422000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2018-07-25 Published:2018-07-31


Given a graph G,the matrix Q=D+A is called the signless Laplacian matrix,where A is the adjacency matrix and D is the diagonal matrix of vertex degrees.The signless Laplacian energy  is the sum of the absolute values of the differences between the eigenvalues of matrix Q and the arithmetic mean of the vertex degrees of the graph.We discuss the upper bounds of signless Laplacians energy for circulant graphs,and get some significant results.

Key words: circulant graph, signless Laplacian matrix, energy, upper bound

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