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Tests of Some Basic Physics by High-Energy Astrophysics and Corresponding Apocalypse

ZHANG Yifang   

  1. (Department of Physics,Yunnan University,Kunming 650091,China)
  • Online:2016-11-25 Published:2016-12-13


Some new researches in astronomy are introduced briefly.The astromagnetic field and possible existence of the electromagnetic general relativity in astronomy are discussed.The high-energy astrophysics and applicability of the Pauli exclusion principle (PEP) are investigated.With some information in astronomy,several problems on the eccentricities of various planets in the solar system and the celestial evolution direction are proposed.The solar neutrino and my model are discussed.The γ-ray burst (GRB) and the lepton-star are researched.Finally,a cosmologic time is discussed.A final destiny of the earth and possible space navigation of human are searched.

Key words: astronomy, basic physics, high energy, electromagnetic theory, GRB, the sun, cosmology, the earth

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