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    25 January 2024, Volume 45 Issue 1
    Existence and Uniqueness of Positive Solutions for a Class of nth Order m Point Boundary Value Problem
    HU Huashu, GU Chuanyun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  1-6. 
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    The existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a class of nth order m point boundary value problem is studied by using the mixed monotone operators and fixed-point theorem;moreover an iterative sequence is constructed to approximate this positive solution.
    Mixed Type Duality for a New Class of Non-Convex Robust Optimization Problems
    WANG Mengdan, WANG Jiaolang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  7-12. 
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    We first introduced a new class of non-convex robust optimization problems,whose objective functions and constraint functions are α-convex functions and defined the mixed-type approximate dual problem of the new problems.Then,by using the properties of the Frechet subdifferentials,the optimality conditions of approximate solution are introduced.At the same time,some results for the weak duality,strong duality and converse-like duality theorems between the non-convex robust optimization problem and its mixed type dual problem are also given.
    Well-Posedness of Generalized Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equation with Navier Boundary Condition
    XUE Yuanyuan, JIANG Shan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  13-18. 
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    For the generalized stochastic Navier-Stokes equations with Navier boundary condition,we prove a priori estimates for the Navier-Stokes equations in L2 and L4.And then,we prove the monotonicity of nonlinear terms.At last by using Minty-Browder we get the global existence and uniqueness for the weak solution of the stochastic equation.
    Electronic File Uploading Encryption Method Based on Chaotic Sequence
    XU Debin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  19-23. 
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    In order to improve the transmission security of electronic files and the security of user information,a chaotic sequence based encryption method for uploading electronic files is studied.The formal scheme is used to decompose the steps of uploading electronic files,and the form of uploading is defined uniformly in the interactive process.Logistic mapping is used to represent chaotic mode.Given the interval of chaotic sequence,the file encryption key stream is randomly generated.On the premise of ensuring the complete decryption of electronic files,the replacement process is constructed by setting ciphertext replacement rules,adjusting ciphertext order according to reversible relationship,realizing the encryption and uploading of electronic files,and completing the method design.The experiment simulates the whole process of uploading electronic files based on the configuration of optical fiber network.The chaotic sequence method can generate 128 bit encryption key within 10 s and complete 498 groups of electronic files with memory size of 1.5 GB within a specified time.
    Sentiment Analysis Model of Specific Target Text Based on Convolutional Neural Network
    YE Haiyan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  24-29. 
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    In the process of emotion analysis of specific target text,text sequence classification is limited by the labeling method,resulting in low accuracy and recall of analysis results,so a model of emotion analysis of specific target text based on convolution neural network is constructed.Specific target text sequences are analysed based on emotional differences,and the text feature matrix is used as input data to construct a convolutional neural network language model in the input layer,concatenating it into a part of speech sequence matrix.Segmented pooling captures different key features of text sequences and classifies and processes the extracted feature vectors.A dropout mechanism is added to complete sentiment classification of specific target texts,determine the importance information of each word in the text,and achieve sentiment analysis of specific target texts.The experimental results show that the accuracy of the model is higher than 84%,and the maximum recall rate is 87%,which can effectively achieve the emotional analysis of specific target text.
    Anti-Attack Defense Algorithm of Small Sample Database Based on Potential Data Mining
    CAO Qing
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  30-35. 
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    In order to reduce the deception rate of small sample databases and improve the attack defense effectiveness of small sample databases,a small sample database adversarial attack defense algorithm based on latent data mining was designed.With the improved Apriori algorithm,accurate strong association rule advantages are obtained through the working process of frequent attribute value sets,and potential data is mined from small sample databases to resist attacks,with the process of finding frequent sets from candidate sets optimized.On this basis,adversarial attacks are detected through association analysis,and the access rate is controlled through credibility scheduling to defend against malicious sessions,achieving defense against small sample database adversarial attacks.The experimental results show that defense algorithms for potential data mining can effectively defend against various types of attacks on small sample databases,reduce the database spoofing rate caused by attacks,and thus ensure the stability of server utilization in small sample databases.
    Distributed Database Index Query Optimization Method Based on Consistent Hash Algorithm
    LIU Xiaomei, DONG Zhongbo
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  36-41. 
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    In order to solve the problem of imbalanced load in distributed database index queries,a distributed database index query optimization method is designed based on consistent hashing algorithm.Based on the CPU processing capacity,bandwidth,and cache size of distributed database server nodes,a dynamic feedback mechanism is used to calculate the index query load rate of each server node.A consistent hash load balancing algorithm is used to allocate tasks to each server node and adjust the load in real time.Multiple ant colony algorithms is used to find the optimal query path with the goal of minimizing the total cost.The experimental results show that the optimization method based on consistent hashing algorithm is stable and can reduce the load balancing degree to 1.5% when the number of user requests is 4 000,with a full response time of less than 35 ms.This indicates that this method can effectively adjust the load distribution of distributed databases,is less affected by database size,and has strong query response capabilities.
    Preparation of Amino-Salicylic Acid Modified Tannin-Based Resin and Its Adsorption Performance of Ag(I) 
    LI Jialing, HUANG Qianlan, ZHANG Aihua, PENG Zhiyuan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  42-47. 
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    The chlorinated tannins were prepared by chlorination of Bayberry Tannin  with dichlorosulfoxide,then cross-linked with amino-salicylic acid to synthesize salicylic modified tannins,and then cross-linked with paraformaldehyde to obtain salicylic acid tannin-based resin.FTIR characterized the structure of the tannin-based resin.The effects of solution pH,initial concentration of Ag(I),temperature,and time on the adsorption performance were investigated.The experiments showed that the maximum adsorption of Ag(I) by the resin could reach 239.6 mg/g at the temperature of 318 K,pH of 5.0,and the initial concentration of Ag(I) of 260 mg/L.The adsorption thermodynamics indicated that this material's adsorption process of Ag(I) was in accordance with the Langmuir adsorption isotherm model and the quasi secondary kinetic model.It can be concluded that the amino-salicylic acid modified tannin-based resin has good Ag(I) adsorption performance.
    Selective Retention and Controlled Release Behavior of a Temperature-Sensitive Imprinted Polymer Monolith for Diosgenin
    LIU Meijun, PENG Yuting, XIAO Zhenyi, ZHOU Xiaohui, JIAN Yuxuan, MAO Lin, LI Hui
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  48-55. 
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    A temperature-sensitive imprinted polymer was prepared with diosgenin as the template and with α-methacrylic acid (MAA) and N-Isopropylacrylamide (NIPAM) as mixed-functional monomer in present work.Then,this imprint polymer was filled into an empty stainless steel tube to produce a molecularly imprinted polymer column and the retention and controlled release behavior for this column toward the template as a drug molecule were evaluated in chromatographic model.The influence of column temperature,effluent composition and pH,and effluent ion strength on the retention selectivity and controlled release behavior for this imprint column was investigated.Results indicated that column temperature possessed significant influence on retention and controlled-release behavior for the imprint column.When it was set at 303 K (near critical temperature of this imprinted polymer),the column had the strongest retention capacity toward the template.Moreover,when column temperature was higher and/or lower than 303 K,a decreased retention capacity and an accelerated template release for the imprint column was observed.In addition,effluent composition,pH and effluent ion strength also affect the retention and controlled-release for this imprint column.At 303 K column temperature and with effluent of  0.001 mol/L (pH 7.4),the release time was as long as 1 050 min.
    Determination of Organic Germanium and Total Germanium Through Automatic Digestion and Fluorescence Spectrometry
    LIU Bangfu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  56-60. 
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    With organic germanium and total germanium as indexes in herbal medicine,and with the property of GeCl4 low boiling point,the organic germanium and inorganic germanium are separated and extracted by fully automated sample digestion system,and determined by atomic fluorescence spectrometry.We found that inorganic germanium could be extracted at 50 ℃,vibrating for 40 min in mass fraction of 1% HNO3.In 6 mol/L HCl heated at 100 ℃ for 60 min,the inorganic germanium and organic germanium can be separated.The LOD of Ge was 0.16 μg/L,the recoveries of germanium was 92.5%~104.0%,and the RSD was 2.01%~3.77%,which accords with the demand of analysis.
    Determination of Seven Volatile Components in Xiangxi Aromatic Vinegar by GC-MS
    RAO Qingqing
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  61-65. 
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    The Xiangxi aromatic vinegar were pretreatmented by SDE,and the content of  ethyl acetate,ethanol,ethyl lactate,2,3-butanedione,3-hydroxyl-2-butanone,furfural and 2,3-butanediol was determinated by GC-MS.HP-INNOWAX capillary gas chromatographic column and GC-MS-HS were used.The sample inlet temperature was 220 ℃,the split ratio was 40∶1,the fourth stage rod temperature was 230 ℃,the ion source temperature was 230 ℃,and SIM mode was used.The results showed that linear relationship was between 0.991 and 0.999,and the method repeatability  was less than 10%,which indicates that this method can be used for the determination of volatile components in Xiangxi aromatic vinegar.
    Complete Chloroplast Genome of Clematis ranunculoides:Characterization and Phylogeny Analysis
    WANG Ruolan, ZHANG Dequan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  66-76. 
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    To reveal the chloroplast genome characteristics of Clematis ranunculoides and its phylogenetic relationships,the present study adopted the Illumina platform to acquire high-throughput sequences,which were used for assemble,annotate,and characterize the complete chloroplast genome of C. ranunculoides.And then molecular phylogenetic trees were constructed with maximum parsimony (MP),maximum likelihood (ML) and Bayesian (BI) methods.The result shows that the total length of the chloroplast genome of C. ranunculoides is 159 741 bp,which encodes 112 genes,including 79 protein-coding genes,29 tRNA genes and 4 rRNA genes;there are 84 SSRs in the chloroplast genome of C. ranunculoides,and 57 of them are mono-nucleotide.Analysis of codon usage bias reveales that leucine is the most frequently utilized amino acid in the chloroplast genome.The topological structures are basically identical among MP,ML,and BI trees.Derived from the phylogenetic trees,Clematis is a monophyletic group,closely related to Anemone.And C. ranunculoides is closest to C. montana,which supportes the traditional classification results.
    Research Progress of Structure and Function of Nuclear Transcription Factor Relish
    ZHANG Hong, LIU Qingzhen
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  77-83. 
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    The nuclear transcription factor Relish is a member of the NF-κbs superfamily functioning as an important immune signaling effector.Relish contains a conserved Rel homologue domain at the N-terminal and an ankyrin repeat domain at the C-terminal.Relish is actived in response to certain external stimulations transmitted by the Imd pathway,via phosphorylation,cleavage and other posttranslational modification of Relish.Activated Relish then translocates to nuclear and binds to DNA to regulate the expression of target genes,helping organisms to adapt to various physiological environments and stimuli,resisting the invasion and infection of foreign pathogens.The paper provides an brief review of the structure and function of Relish.The structural features of Relish include Rel homology domain,ankyrin repeats domain,nuclear localization sequence,caspase target site,serine-rich regions,and proline-glutamate-serine-rich domain.Functions of Relish mainly involve participating in innate immunity,regulating neural development and lifespan,regulating intestinal homeostasis and morphology,participating in stress regulation and other physiological activities.
    Disciplinary Features of Interpersonal Themes in English Academic Texts and the Motivating Disciplinary Contextual Factors
    SHI Lin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  84-91. 
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    Interpersonal themes in disciplinary texts of physics,chemistry,environmental engineering,sociology,linguistics,history and literature are investigated in terms of semantics and lexico-grammar.It is found that the disciplinary texts share some commonalities and at the same time,demonstrate some disciplinary features;Choices in interpersonal themes are influenced by the disciplinary contextual factors,including research objects,knowledge development,research process and method,relationship between practitioners and knowledge,and forms of research results and products.
    Harmonious Coexistence of Ecological Environment and Intangible Cultural Heritage "Maugus" Ritual Culture
    ZHAO Yalan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(1):  92-96. 
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    "Maugus" ritual culture is a collective memory of the descendants of the Tujia ethnic group on the history and cultural evolution of the Tujia.It not only artfully reproduces the natural state of the production and life of the Tujia ancestors,but alsos become the best carrier and approach for the protection,inheritance,and development of intangible cultural heritage.In the interaction and restriction between ecological environment and ritual culture,it is appropriate to achieve organic coupling between "Maugus" and human environment by taking ceremony,habitat,heritage,and economy as media,avoiding disadvantages and promoting advantages to achieve living inheritance and to promote the development of ethnic culture and ecotourism industry.
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