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Application of Spherical Wavelet in Geometry Signal Compression


  • Online:2007-11-25 Published:2012-06-10
  • About author:PENG Guo-jun(1974-),male,was born in Hechuan County,Sichuan Province,doctor,docent;research area are computer graphics,geographical information system and marine traffic information system.

Abstract: This paper proposed a novel geometry compression method using spherical wavelet.Given a manifold triangle mesh with zero genus and arbitrary topology,it is globally parameterized over the unit sphere S2 in E3 firstly.At the same time,by subdividing an icosahedron and projecting all its vertices onto the unit sphere from the center,we can get a spherical triangle mesh with subdivision topology.Then we re-sampling all signals defined on the surface of the original triangle mesh at the vertices of the spherical subdivision mesh and get a set of discrete geometry signals with subdivision topology which can be compressed by using spherical wavelet.

Key words: geometry compression, spherical wavelet, subdivision re-sampling, mesh parameterization

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