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The Key Design Technology of Radar Digital Receiver Based on DDS


  1. ( 1. Dept. of Microwave Engineering, Air Force Radar Academy,Wuhan 430010, Hubei China;2. School of Electronic Information Engineering, BUAA, Beijing 100083, China)
  • Online:2004-03-15 Published:2012-11-06
  • About author:GAO Yu??liang( 1962- ) ,male,was born in Taicang County, Jiangsu Province, the associate professor of Air Force Radar Academy, the major research field is new technologies of radar receiver and radar signal processing; WANG Bing??qie ( 1972- ) ,male,was born in Xi County, Henan Province, the major research field is radar, electronic countermeasures( ECM) and electromag??netic compatibility( EMC) .

Abstract: AFC( Automatic Frequency Control) is realized with technology of DDS ( Direct Digital Synthesis) and high accuracy frequency measurement, quadrature double channel receiver is made up of circuits of IF quadrature sampling directly and coherent sampling clock realized with DDS. By doing so, the effect of all kinds of unstable factors such as frequency shift and the limits placed by analogy circuit is diminished effectively , even eliminated. Meanwhile, the performance of the receiver is improved greatly, for example, the limits on I( improvement factor) and SCV( visibility) placed by traditional receiver is exceeded. Experiments indicate that SCV can be enhanced 12 dB on an average. Additionally, some practical problems in realizing are discussed.

Key words: DDS, AFC, Coherent clock, IF quadrature sampling

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