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Detection of the Level of mIL- 2R and T Cells Subsets in PBMC in Patients With Hepatitis C


  1. ( School of Medicine, Huainan University of Technology, Huainan 232001, Anhui China)
  • Online:2001-12-15 Published:2013-01-05

Abstract: To study the level of membrane interleukin- 2 receptor ( mIL- 2R) and T cell subsets in PBMC in patients with hepatitis C and its role in the pathogenesis of hepatitis C, the level of mIL- 2R and T cells subsets in peripheral blood mononuclear cells ( PBMC) were detected with biotin- streptatividin technique before and after PHA induction in 203 cases of hepatitis C with positive HCV- RNA, ant i- HCV( + ) , ant i- HCV( - ) . The total results of the expressive level of mI L- 2R before and after PHA inducting and T cell subsets in PBMC were all lower in hepatitis C than those in normal controls ( P < 0. 01) .Among them, the levels of mI L- 2R were lower in silence than those in situation of PHA induction ( P < 0. 01) . The levels of CD+3 , CD+4 , CD+4 / CD+8 in acute and chronic hepatitis C with ant i- HCV( + ) were lower and CD+8 was higher than those in normal controls ( P < 0. 01) .The function of cellular immunity, the levels of mI L- 2R and activation of T cells are obviously in disorder in patients with hepatitis C, and those were closely as sociated with changing of the hepatitis into chronic.

Key words: hepatitis C, membrane interleukin- 2 receptor, T- cell subsets, PBMC

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