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Studies on the Contents of Main Nutrient Elements and Their Dynamics in Dioscorea zingiberensis


  1. ( Institute of Ecology, Jishou University, Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2000-09-15 Published:2013-01-16
  • About author:ZHU Jie - ying, female, was born in 1966 at the city of Jishou Hunan. Lecture, deals with the s tudy of plant physiology and phytoecology.

Abstract: In this paper, the contents of main nutrient elements ( N, P, K, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mg, and Fe) in Dioscorea zingiberensis in di fferent development stage are reported. The experimental results showed that the nutrient contents (NC) in different leaves change with the developmental stage of the plant and the element.a. NCs> NCfl> NCfr ( NCs,NCfl and NCfr mean the content of nutrient element of leaf in seedling stage, florescence stage and fruit stage respectively). The contents Zn and Cu mature leaves, the Mg and P contents in mature and young leaves of D. zingibe rensis expressed above low.b. NCs> NCfr> NCfl.The Zn contents of young leaves, K and Fe contents of mature and young leaves, the Mn content of young leaves belong to this category.c. NCfr> NCs> NCfl. The dynamics of the Cu content of young leaves, the Mn content in mature leaves belong to this category.d. NCfl> NCs> NCfr. The dynamics of the N contents of mature and young leaves belong to this category.

Key words: Dioscorea zingibe rensis, nutrient, mineral element

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