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S- Countability and S- Lindelof Space in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Special Topological Space


  1. ( Department of Mathematics and Computer Science , Jishou university, 416000, Hunan China)
  • Online:2000-06-15 Published:2013-01-16

Abstract: In this paper,The concepts of S- Base S- Countablility and S-Lindelof space in intuitionistic fuzzy special topological spaces are introducted. Some properties are given:A family { Aa, a ∈ I } of IFFSOS is a S- base of (X , τ) if and only if amy IFFSOS is the suprema of a collection of { Aa, a∈ I } , If an IFSTS satisfies second a xiom of count-ablility, it satisfies first axiom of countability. An IFSTS satisfied second axiom of countaility is a S- Lindelof space, A S- Comparct space is a S- Lindelof space.

Key words: intuitionistic fuzzy special set, intuitionistic fuzzy special topdogical space, S- Countabili ty, S- Lindelof Space.

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