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Supercritical Fluid-CO2 Extraction of Essential Oil in the Fructus Sophorae Japonicae of Amorpha fruticosa and Analysis of Its Compositions


  1. (Institute of Ecological,College of Biology and Environmental Science,Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2006-07-25 Published:2012-08-22

Abstract: The best techniques parameters of Supercritical Fluid Extraction of essential oil in the Fructus sphere japonica of Amorpha fruticosa,including extracting pressure,extracting temperature,separating temperature,were analyzed,and the compositions of the essential oil were identified with GC-MS technology.The result showed that:the best parameters of extraction of the Fructus sophorae japonicae of Amorpha fruticosa with SEF-CO2 were extracting temperature 40 ℃,extracting pressure 25 MPa,separating temperature 38 ℃ and extracting time 1.5 h;26 kinds of compositions were identified (occupied 89.96% of all extractions),mainly including a-Pinene,Mreene,a-Cedrene,β-Eudesmol,Trans-Caryophyllene,β-Cubebene and so on.

Key words: supercritical Fluid-CO2 extraction, amorpha fruticosa, essential oil, GC-MS

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