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Analysis on Volatile Components in Roots of Cyclocodon lancifolius (Roxburgh) Kurz by GC-MS Combined with Retention Index

WANG Jianxia, LIU Yihan, TIAN Yungang, GUO Hongwei, LI Ming, BI Shaowen, WEI Hua   

  1. (1. College of Biology and Environmental Science, Jishou University, Jishou 416000, Hunan China; 2. Wanyuan Farmers' Cooperative of Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting, Zhanyi District, Qujing 655000, Yunnan China; 3. Tujia Medicine Research Center, Jishou 416000, Hunan China)
  • Online:2020-07-25 Published:2020-10-27


The volatile components of roots in Cyclocodon lancifolius (Roxburgh) Kurz were extracted by steam distillation, soxhlet extraction and ultrasound-assisted extraction respectively, and were analyzed by GC-MS combined with retention index. The results showed that the main volatile components of the roots are of acids, hydrocarbons, esters, and alcohols, altogether 76 kinds identified. Among them, 24, 45 and 39 kinds of volatile components were identified respectively by steam distillation, soxhlet extraction, and ultrasound-assisted extraction, and the component with the highest mass fraction was identified to be linoleic acid.

Key words: Cyclocodon lancifolius (Roxburgh) Kurz, volatile components, GC-MS, retention index

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