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Development Method of Internet of Things Based on Windows 10 IoT Core System

ZHOU Xuan, WU Yunwen   

  1. (1. College of Information Science and Engineering, Jishou University, Jishou 416000, Hunan China; 2. College of Physics and Electromechanical Engineering, Jishou University, Jishou 416000, Hunan China)
  • Online:2020-01-25 Published:2020-01-19


Based on the embedded devices such as raspberry pie, Minnowboard Max and DragonBoard 410C, taking the C# and C++ projects as examples, this paper discusses the program development methods based on windows 10 IOT core system, and obtains three program development methods. The operation process of Remote Machine deployment is the simplest, but is limited to C# project development; Windows IOT core web management deployment and power shell command are applicable to C# and C++ projects, and can be more widely applied than Remote Machine deployment.

Key words: Internet of things, embedded technology, Windows 10, remote programming technology

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