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Cascading Failure Propagation of the Interdependent Power-Information Network with Recovery Mechanism

TAN Xin,LUO Yanbin   

  1. (College of Electrical and Information Engineering,Hunan University,Changsha 410082,China)
  • Online:2018-05-25 Published:2018-06-27


In order to study the cascading failure propagation  of the power-information network  with recovery mechanism,the IEEE300 node system power network and double-star structural power-information network are established based on the dependency network theory.Calculation of complex network statistic parameters show that both power grid and information network have small-world effect and scale-free network property.Based on the model of the cascading failures of the power-information network,a robustness analysis of three different interdependent networks including BA,WS and ER is conducted,and a model of cascading failure propagation of interdependent network with recovery mechanism is proposed.The simulation results show that the the recovery level of dependency recovery mechanism is higher than the target and the random recovery mechanism.This advantage increases with the decrease of the failure threshold.

Key words: dependent network, complex network, cascading failure, recovery mechanism

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