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Mean-Value  Estimate for Two Smarandache Hybrid Functions

HUANG Wei   

  1. (Department of Basic Courses,Baoji Vocational and Technical College,Baoji 721013,Shaanxi Chian)
  • Online:2016-05-25 Published:2016-06-24


Let n be a positive integer,ur(n) be the smallest r angular number greater than or equal to n,and vr(n) be the largest r angular number less than or equal to n.Let:a(n)=n-ur(n),b(n)=vr(n)-n.The hybrid mean value formulas involving two Smarandache functions S(n) and SL(n) with a(n) and b(n) are studied,and  several sharper asymptotic formulas are given by using the analytic methods.

Key words: Smarandache function, r-ngular number, mean value, asymptotic formula

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