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Count of TAM,MC,MV in Tissues of Primary Hepatocarcinoma and Its Clinical Significance


  1. (1.Medical College of Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China;2.Laboratory of Hepatobiliary Diseases,Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University,Changsha 410011,China)
  • Online:2007-09-25 Published:2012-06-11

Abstract: Objective  To study the count of TAM,MC and MV in tissues of PHC and detect the relation to the clinicopathological features of PHC,and the relation among the count of TAM,MC and MV.Methods The stains of TAM,MC and MV were completed by the immunohistochemical method of avidin-biotin complex in routine paraffin-embedded sections from 47 cases with PHC.Results  The count means of TAM,MC and MV in the cancer tissues were significantly higher than that in the peri-cancerous tissues (TAM:70.27±17.93/HP vs. 44.15±9.10/HP,P<0.01;MC:15.46±4.54/HP vs. 8.08±2.03 /HP,P<0.01;MV:67.30±13.68/HP vs. 37.20±10.58/HP,P<0.01);except the count of TAM and MV in the patients with AFU (pre-operation)≤10 μg/L  in serum were significantly higher than that whose AFU>10 μg/L (TAM:74.13±18.33/HP vs. 61.15±13.54/HP,P<0.05;MV:70.41±13.03/HP vs. 59.97±12.69/HP,P<0.05);the count of MV in the patients with metastasis (73.50±13.77/HP) was significantly higher than that of non-metastasis (64.10±12.68/HP,P<0.05);there were no correlations among the count of MV,TAM and the other clinicopathological features (including pathological type,differentiated degree,the value of AFP,with or without SHCSP,cirrhosis,cancer emboli,gross shapes,and maximal  diameter of mass,etc).The correlation analysis shows that the count of TAM was significantly correlated with the count of MV (r=0.686,P<0.01),and the count of MC was significantly correlated  with the count of MV (r=0.348,P<0.05).Conclusions  The count of MC,TAM and MV might be closely related to the carcinogenesis and the progress of PHC;the count of MV might  be associated with tumor invasion and metastasis;TAM and MC might be closely related to the tumor angiogenesis.

Key words: primary hepatorcacinoma, microvessel, macrophage;mast cell;immunohistochemistry

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