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Evaluation of Survival and Efficacy of Splenic-Tissue Transplanted After Splenectomy in Children

MA Chuncan,LUO Yong,CHEN Zhengying   

  1. (People's Hospital of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2018-01-25 Published:2018-01-27


With the purpose of evaluating the survival and efficacy of splenic omentum-transplanted tissue after splenectomy in children,47 cases of children of splenectomy owing to spleen hurt were selected,who all had been done with splenic autotransplantation by omentum-transplantation.Results show that both blood routine examination and immunologic function of patients get right.The B-ultrasonic examination shows that the transplanted spleen tissues have survived.That is to say the splenic omentum-transplantation tissue is a convenient and effective way of operation,available with the surgical treatment of splenectomy owing to spleen hurt.

Key words: children, splenectomy, splenic, omentum-transplantation

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