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Three Flavors of Chiral Phases with Vacuum Contribution in the Quark-Meson Model Including the Vacuum Fluctuation

LU Haipeng,LIU Min   

  1. (College of Mathematics and Physics,North China Electric Power University,Beijing 102206,China)
  • Online:2018-11-25 Published:2018-12-07


Because the influence of vacuum contribution on the chiral phase transition,the mean-field approximation is used for quark condensate to obtain the thermodynamic potential,and the PV normalization is used to generate a convergent vacuum contribution in the thermodynamic potential.The model parameters are then redetermined.The solution of the equilibrium equation is applied to determine changes of the condensateas with temperature and chemical potential,and then the influence of vacuum contribution on the chiral phase transition is explained by the condensation and phase diagram.For zero chemical potential,the addition of vacuum contribution will make the  condensaes dissolve slowly,and the temperature and chemical potential corresponding to the phase transition boundary will be higher;the increase of the mσ will make the quark condensaes dissolve slowly.

Key words: quark-meson model, vacuum contributions, strange quark, chiral phase transition

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