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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Wind/Light/Storage LED Street Lamp Control System

ZHOU Xixiang   

  1. (Department of Automotive Engineering, Yiyang Vocational Technical College, Yiyang 413049, Hunan China)
  • Online:2019-09-25 Published:2019-11-12


An  intelligent wireless distributed wind/light/storage LED street lamp  control system is designed, including the hardware system,  software system,  data acquisition system,  and communication system, In this system, intelligent wind-light complementary controller is adopted for data acquisition and intelligent control. The data is transmitted to the PC through the wireless module and the upper computer,  and the intelligent monitoring and control of the wind/optical/storage/load is achieved through the control center PC. The experimental results show that the control system can locate the latitude and longitude of LED street lamps,  automatically adjust their working status,  read the detailed parameters of the  control system,  realize the remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of the  control system,  and effectively improve the maintenance efficiency.

Key words: wind/light/storage LED street lamp, lamp control, control system

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