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Design of Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System Based on Photovoltaic Power Generation

CHEN Xugen, CHEN Ying, FANG Xinyue, WU Wenjing, SUN Yan   

  1. (School of Mathematic and Physical Science, Xuzhou University of Technology, Xuzhou 221018, Jiangsu China)
  • Online:2019-07-25 Published:2019-07-31


A photovoltaic power generation and drip irrigation system is designed for agricultural greenhouses. C52 single chip microcomputer is taken as a control chip to optimize and adjust the light alignment position of solar panels according to the light intensity outside the greenhouses, so that the light demand of indoor plant growth can be met while the photovoltaic power generation can be increased. Moreover, environmental data such as the temperature inside the greenhouse and soil humidity are collected to carry out reasonable drip irrigation spraying and effectively increase the plant growth rate.

Key words: photovoltaic power, optimum adjustment, environment monitoring, automatic control

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