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The Properties of Generalized Even and Odd Coherent States of a q-Deformation Non-harmonic Oscillator


  1. (Department of Mathematics and Physics, Hunan Medical College, Changsha 410006,Hunan China)
  • Online:2000-12-15 Published:2013-01-05

Abstract: The generalized even and odd coherent states of a q-Deformation Non-harmonic Oscillator(E-O q- NHCSs) a reconstructed, their Higher-Order Squeezing and Antibunching Prope rties are studied in detai l. It is increasing the Squeezing effect in different parameter ranges.With q- deformation increasing, the squeezing effect of E q-NHCSs a re weakened and those of O q- NHCSs are enhanced.The E q- NHCSs appear high- order(N≥2) a ntibunching properties while the Oq- NHCSs appear high- order bunching properties in some ranges of the parameter q and r2 with the q- deformation in -creasing. Both antibunching effects of E q- N HCSs and bunching effects of O q- NHCSs are enhanced.

Key words: generalized even and odd q- coherent states, higher- order squeezing, higher-order antibunching

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