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Semi-open Sets and Semi-Continuity in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Special Topological Spaces


  1. ( Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Jishou Univeristy, Jishou 416000, Hunan China)
  • Online:2000-03-15 Published:2013-01-16
  • About author:YANG Xin- mei, male, born in 1963 at the ci ty of Changsha. Lecturer at Jishou University, The main researching field:Geneval topology.

Abstract: The notions of semi-open sets and semi-continuity in intuitionistic were introduced, their some properties were obtained: an intuitionistic fuzzy special set is an intuitionistic fuzzy special semi-open set if and only i f A  cl [ int ( A) ] , Ai : i∈I be an arbitrary family of IFSSOS's , then O is an I FSSOS, Let A  Y ~ X ~and A is an IFSSOS in(X , σ) , then A is an IFSSOS in ( Y, φ); Continucty implies semi-continuity but not conversely, Strongly semi-continuity implies semi-continuity but not conversely,The function f : X  Y is semi-continuous  f and only if for f ( x ) O, O is an IFSSOS in Y there exis ts and IFSSOS A in X such that x ∈A and f ( A )  O,The function f : X→Y is strongly semi- continuous if and only if the preimage of each IFSSCS in Y IFSSCS in X .

Key words: intuitionistic fuzzy special set, intuitionistic fuzzy special semi-open sets, semi-continuous, strongly semicontinuous

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